How To Create A Workshop From Scratch On TagMango In 120 seconds?

How to create a workshop on TagMango in 120 seconds

120 seconds, a lot can happen in that!

The world can change;

a movie review can last that long;

a blog can be read;

instant food can be cooked;

you can zoom past suburbs in a fast transit mode;

one can transform your outlook towards life;

you can shoot a new video;

or you can hold a live session with your community;

and most importantly, you can create your very first workshop on TagMango. And, start your monetisation journey!

If you are wondering when and how to start monetising your content, then we wrote something that will be of interest to you. You can read it here.

Now that you are ready to share your expertise with the world and monetise your skill-set in form of a workshop, TagMango is the simplest tool to do so!

We are not hyping it when we say you can create a workshop on our platform in 120 seconds.

You can time it! Now, if you are wondering how to go about it, then don’t wonder much. We are telling you how you can do so, step-by-step!

Step 1: Create a Mango

The very first thing (after being an approved Creator on TagMango) is to create a Mango! Mangoes are services on TagMango. To create any new service, you have to first create a Mango.

Simply head to the “Create a Mango”,

Create a Mango to Create a Workshop

give your Mango a “Title”,

add its “Start Date”, “Price”, “Description” and an attractive “Cover Image”.

Fill in Mango Details to create a workshop

You can even add an Intro Video to make your Mango juicier (we mean, lucrative)!

Hit “Save Mango”!

Save a Mango


The minute a Mango is created, you can via email let everyone know of your service. The auto-generated email can be personalised according to your preference!

Auto-generated email


Step 2: Link the Mango to Create a Workshop

Now, it is time to create a live workshop! Just head to the feed.

Click on “Create” on the top right.

Create a Workshop

Choose “Group Video Calls”.

Add the “Title”, “link” of the Mango/mangoes you have created, “Date” and “Time”.

Fill in Workshop details

You can choose whether your workshop is a “recurring” one or not.

And then add “description” (it is optional but it will help your subscribers know what exactly your workshop has to offer)!

Hit “Submit”.

Submit your workshop details

There, you have created your first workshop…in 120 seconds! We told you!

You can share your Mango link with your community and they can subscribe to your workshop and other offerings. You can (rather should) share it on social as well. As a Creator, you have to market your content well. Don’t worry, we jotted down some easy, self-marketing tips you should follow. Read here.

Another thing that happens once a Mango is created, a Mango Room dedicated to that service is created under the “Messages” section. That’s where you can interact with your subscribers and let them know about anything related to your workshop. To know more about the chat feature, read here.

Mango Room

Congratulations, you have taken your first step towards Creator Monetisation and have become part of the cohesive and booming Creator Economy. Soar high Creator and keep picking mangoes on TagMango!

Think Monetisation, Think TagMango!

BTW, you can also watch our video on how to create a workshop on TagMango!

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Written by Rachna Srivastava

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