How to know when you are ready to sell your course?

sell your course

Online courses and e-learning have hit exponential growth in the last two years. It has become a massive opportunity for content creators to impart their skills and expertise, which has become a source of sustainable passive income.

The creation, promotion, and sales, of course, are the end part of a content creator’s story. There is a long process behind needs to be set before taking the course to the target audience. Before creating and selling a course, you need to lay a ground for your audience to trust your skills and expertise to buy it.

Indeed, it’s a long process for content creators to reach a place where they can create a demanding online course. If you are planning to create your course for the first time, you might have one question around your mind – is it the right time to create and publish a course? Am I ready to sell a course? 

Here are a few tips that will help you get ready to create and sell your course. These tips will help your audience identify yourself as an expert in your niche, which ultimately helps you market and sell your online course organically with ease and confidence. 

#1 Process-driven and BTS content

BTS – Behind the scenes content is the raw or a making unedited videos that show your content creation process. It will also allow your audience to check your life as a content creator. Sharing process-driven and BTS content will create an emotional bond with your audience, and it will help you humanise your personal brand.

Most often when people assume that the life of content creators and influencers is full of luxury and glamour, and they fail to notice the hours of hard work put on to create content. These BTS content will show a glimpse of the time, efforts and work that goes beyond to create content. 

It will let them understand the research and other behind-the-scenes works, making your content more trustworthy. And in the long run, this trust and personal connection will build a loyal community that will help you in your future endeavours.

2# Answer all the ‘how’ questions

You can address all the “how questions” in your niche to become a trusted expert in online communities. You can gather your audience’s queries and questions and start answering them directly or create content on it.

Using the power of questions is the best way to establish a communication channel with your community. When your communities’ questions are addressed, they will know they are being heard and you care for them. You have to use this as an integral part of your content strategy.

Along with your audience’s questions in your content publishing platforms, you can also actively help people with their queries where you can find your ideal course participants, including Facebook groups, LinkedIn groups, Quora, Reddit, and other online communities.

Being an active participant in these communities, listing to your target audience questions and offering thoughtful answers will help you demonstrate real expertise.  

3# Collaborations

Collaborating involves gaining a fresh perspective on creating content and helps build a relationship with fellow content creators. It will help establish a network, share audiences and work together to create the most valuable content.

Collaborations are the easiest way to find and interact with people of similar interests and your target audience. You can effortlessly interact with them, showcase your skillset and allow them to be a part of your community. Along with collaboration for content creation, you can also collaborate as the guest speaker, host or tutor in your fellow content creator’s workshops and courses. 

4# Contests

Contests and giveaways are a great way to increase your content and brand visibility. When your audience share/repost your content or create new content for the contest and mention you, you can reach and engage with a new audience. Most importantly, it will allow you to build a relationship with the community where you can share your expertise. 

With a contest, you need to fill the knowledge gap you find among your audience. However, you should make it seem like you are guiding them to bridge the gap. Be it a contest or giveaway, participants’ achievement value and takeaway must carry a high value. This is the fuel that pushes your audience to participate endlessly.

5# Paid membership

First, you have to create your community where you have established yourself as an expert. Then, people trust your content and are loyal to your content. Next, it is time to bring in paid membership in your community. Paid membership will allow the members to access exclusive content, community interactions, and members-only events.

As a content creator, paid memberships are a great source of revenue. It will also help you stay consistent with producing content, and the quality of content will go high. You can leverage paid community members as social proofs and start building a new audience. It will increase your credibility and trustworthiness.

If you actively incorporate all the five pointers mentioned above in your content creation strategy, you are ready to launch your course. These tips will help you build the stage where your course can be sold effortlessly. These are like marketing tips; they will lay a bed to presell your course even before launching it. 

If you are still doubtful about launching your course or hesitant about pulling it up by yourself, register as a content creator with TagMango. We at TagMango help content creators launch their courses and workshops that will attract and build a solid knowledgeable community. TagMango is a SAAS platform that provides various tools to help content creators host their courses, from launching and marketing to selling and hosting them effortlessly. 

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