How to make the Instagram profile more aesthetic?

Look at the feeds below, which one are you more likely to follow?

We think we have a clear winner.

Have you ever ask yourself whether your profile is aesthetic or not?

Basically, Instagram follower growth depends upon how much a person’s profile is liked by others. And who doesn’t want a good engagement rate on Instagram!

So here are some important ways that can help you make your profile aesthetic:

Theme of Profile

  1. Filter based Theme –

To make the Instagram profile more catchy, you can make a Theme based Instagram account. Themes can be of various types which are as follows :

Here, each and every post of an Instagram account is posted with a common filter. It really looks attractive as you can see the above image of an example.

     2. Content-based Theme –

         You can also make a content-based Theme by positioning the different types of content you create in an attractive sequence.

     3. Layout based Theme

One can make a layout based theme by setting a common layout of the content you create. The above image is an example of a layout based theme.

Colour Saturated Profile

A profile wherein which every post has a particular color which is highlighted to attract the viewers is known as Colour Saturated Profiles. Such profiles are said to be attractive as it contains many colors which make the profile attractive.

Having interesting Captions and Bio

One should have an appropriate Instagram Bio which describes the profile of the Account Holder. Also, captions should be posted in a descriptive and summarized manner with proper use of hashtags (in case of a public account). You can also add links and websites so that your profile will look aesthetic as well as informative.

Upload a proper Profile Picture

The profile picture of an Instagram account represents the content of a person’s Instagram profile. It should be such that the profile visitors must be forced internally to follow the account (in case of private accounts).

Follow people with Aesthetic profiles

You can improve your Instagram account by taking lessons from Ideal Instagram Profiles. Some of the Aesthetic profiles are mentioned below –

  1. @tonimahfud
  2. @blazeful
  3. @tagmangoofficial

Creative Story Ideas

You can make your Instagram stories Aesthetic by using the story tools creatively. Also, the proper font should be used for the written part. The sketch tool can be used to highlight the writings.

Applying Attractive Highlight Covers

Applying Attractive and Informational Highlight cover can make one’s profile aesthetic and also it will represent the purpose of the story highlight. You should apply a highlight cover that matches your feed also which conveys an idea about the stories that it contains.

A common pattern for IGTVs

IGTVs with set graphics are said to be aesthetic and mannered.

Covers for all IGTVs should have a similar design. IGTVs can be edited creatively so that it is liked by the audience.

Make a Broken Grid Profile

You might have seen many profiles wherein when you go to Grid view of the feed, a combination of multiple posts makes a single picture that is displayed to the visitors. It makes the picture attractive and is said to be an aesthetic idea.

Know your followers

You should know about your follower’s taste of judging so that it helps you to create content based on it. It increases the acceptance of profile also it increases the engagement rate of profile.

Now, you have an idea for making your profile aesthetic.

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