How To Optimally Use The Feed Feature On TagMango?

How to optimally use Feed Feature on TagMango?

Can you imagine life without scrolling through any social media network’s feed? Be it Instagram, Facebook or even LinkedIn for that matter?

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No, right?

Similarly, we can’t imagine our platform without a feed feature that seamlessly connects a Creator and their subscribers!

At TagMango, we encourage Creator-Subscriber bonding. And our interactive Feed makes it easier for Creators to connect with their subs!

Online Community
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But we’ve got an exclusive Feed. By exclusive we mean, that only Subscribers of a particular Mango (offering) can access a particular Feed. But the Creator can see what all is posted across mangoes.

Things You Can Do in the Feed Section:

Things You can do on Feed

When it comes to posts, what all can be posted by the Creator on the Feed?

We ask what not, but here’s a compact representation.

Types of Posts

To craft a post, you have to click on Create and start typing or adding what you wish to post and publish!

Create on Feed

And, you can even schedule your posts!

What else?

Well, very important things.

In order to create a group video call aka Workshop, a Creator has to do it from the Feed.

Let’s put things into perspective with an example.


Say, New-Tan has just created a Mango about his Trading Picks of the month and wants to create a live workshop to share his insights, he has to do it from the “Create” button on the Feed. Then, add a Mango link and voila, a workshop is created!

Now, New-Tan shares his Mango link within the community and 15 people purchased the Mango. These 15 subscribers get added to

  1. a) Mango Room of “Trading Picks of the month” Mango.
  2. b) Feed where details about that Mango are being shared by New-Tan.

On the Feed, New-Tan posts updates about his Mango, before the workshop.

To garner the interest of his subscribers and keep them hooked, he even shares exclusive audio messages about how excited he is, what the community can expect from the course, adds his Introduction video to connect with his subs, and even conducts a short quiz to engage with his subscribers.

TagMango Feed

But unfortunately, due to unforeseen reasons, New-Tan has to reschedule the date and time of the live workshop. So, he quickly makes changes to his Mango and updates his subscribers by announcing through an image post, stating the same.

A day before the live workshop, New-Tan asks his subs how excited they are for the workshop. He gets an amazing response.

On the day of the workshop, New-Tan posts a “See you in some time” message.

After successfully conducting the live workshop, New-Tan adds a video thanking his subscribers for being a great audience.

Videos on TagMango Feed

In another post, he shares the presentation used in the workshop as a video that shows the analysis of stocks recommended by New-Tan.

After a couple of days, New-Tan conducts a poll by asking his subscribers how handy his tips were.

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He then regularly shares his insights on various investment options. New-Tan also asks his subscribers to share their learnings in the reply section.

To offer his paid subscribers exclusive perks, New-Tan pre-shares the video he plans to post on YouTube next week. By doing so, he gives his subscribers early access to his social media content.

His community appreciates it and feels valued.

Good Content
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And, after two weeks, he asks them if they would like him to conduct another workshop. And the cycle continues!

Now, anyone can be New-Tan and from any niche. A Creator can use the Feed in any way they like. As a Creator, always ask yourself: What extra value or exclusive benefits are you providing your paid community members? 


How TagMango Feed helps Creators?

  • TagMango Feed is a great way to keep your community engaged and build trust and credibility.
  • Not only as a current set of subscribers, but the feed also allows Creators to warm up their community for the next workshop or course they plan to put out!
  • Creators can also share their TagMango feed posts across Facebook, WhatsApp, LinkedIn, Twitter or even copy and share the link anywhere they like. Do note, that in order to view it, people have to purchase the mango!
  • The key to fostering your community is by regularly interacting with them and addressing their concerns if any.
  • This is a great tool for your subscribers to effectively and openly communicate with you! And don’t forget to offer them exclusive content. 

Community building and maintaining your existing community is crucial in your journey as a Creator. And we at TagMango are here to help you in every sense of the way!

We have built TagMango in such a way keeping YOU in mind, that we have every tool to make your Creator Monetisation journey smoother. You focus simply on creating, leave the rest up to us!

We keep churning out helpful how-tos and insightful thought pieces just for you. To read more such blogs, head to our Blog Section.

If you’ve not started your TagMango Creator journey yet, then sign up, and let’s go!

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