How To Optimise Your Mangoes On TagMango To Sell Better?

How To Optimise Your Mangoes On TagMango To Sell Better?

Those of you who have used TagMango know that offering/s on the platform is called mango/oes. Those who are new, no worries, we will give you a lowdown on everything. Follow along!

What really is a Mango?

The first (and also most important) thing that you must do in order to create an offering on TagMango is creating a Mango. A Mango is a monetisable entity that you can offer to your community.

What's a Mango?

Mangoes on TagMango refer to subscriptions or tiers that you can build. The subscriptions purchased by your audience members will generate revenue for you. These mangoes are totally customisable and you can set the title, prices (monthly or one-time), describe what it’s about to inform users, add features and services such as chat and video call/s for each of them. Oh, you can even edit your mangoes! Whenever you like!

What can you do with just one mango?

What can a Mango Do?

How many Mangoes can you create?


You can create as many mangoes as you want to! 

How to Create a Mango?

Your Mango is a skilfully packaged summarisation of all that you are offering in a particular workshop or course. It is extremely crucial for you to create an excellent mango that compels people to buy your offerings. But how can you do that? We’re telling you!

Aspects of a Mango

You can Create a Mango from the Dashboard itself or head to the Mango Overview section and create from there.

Mangoes on Creator Dashboard

Each Mango is editable so if you ever make a mistake or want to enhance content, it’s very easy to make tweaks to it!

Moreover, you can hide or delete mangoes too based on their availability and expiry.

Create a Mango/Mangoes

And, our bonus feature is Mango Websites! 

All of this to ensure that you make the most of your audience and skill, and your Mango!

Let’s dive deeper into every aspect!

1. Mango Title 

First things first, this is one of the most important aspects to focus on. It is what will hook your audience.

tips for better mango title for your mango or mangoes


2. Mango Start Date 

This tells your audience the date on which your workshop or course will take place. The Mango becomes active as soon as you hit save

Mango Start Date

Bear in mind, monthly subscribers will be billed on this date each month.

3. Mango Pricing

One of the most crucial things to consider is the pricing of the mango. Just like price differs for actual mangoes like Alphonso, Badami, Himsagar, Totapuri and more; your TagMango Mango’s price also differs.

If you set the price too high, you may risk losing potential subscribers. If you price it too low means you are underestimating your expertise and lowering the bar. So how to reach the middle ground?

how to price your mango or mangoes

BTW, we have a great feature in-built on the platform for your loyal community members – Coupon Codes!

You can offer them attractive discounts and even attract new subscribers as Coupon Codes provide a greater incentive that results in better conversions.

4. Mango Description

Mango description is one of the most important components to note while creating a juicy mango. It’s mandatory to fill in. And, it is essential for your subscribers to know the crucial details about your mango, what you are offering, what are they going to learn, what is the value added, and more. 

Mangoes description

5. Mango Image 

Adding visuals is an exceptional way to attract and connect with your audiences. It’s the first impression you make to the eyes. We are in a new dynamic era around image use and creation – so it is a first-impress-first-serve more than a first-come-first-serve mantra. 

Cover image tips for your mangoes

6. Mango Video

Renderforest survey

According to Wyzowl:

When adding a Mango video, keep these crisp points in mind:

  1. Remember to tell a story.
  2. Maintain relevancy.
  3. Give away some information. 
  4. Use the first three seconds wisely.
  5. Take them through your workshop/course and what can they expect

 7. Mango Website

According to a Growth Marketing Pro stat, Landing pages have about an average 9.7% conversion rate which is second to Emails which enjoy a 13% average conversion rate! Of course, there are marketing tools in between as well!

Simply put, a landing page is a standalone web page. It is created specifically for a marketing or advertising campaign. Since the visitor directly “lands” on the page after they click on a link, it is called a landing page.

Components of a good landing page

You can make your very own landing pages for your workshops and courses on TagMango, and sell them better to your community. Thereby, increasing your offering’s conversion rate! #WinWin

But we call them Mango Websites

We have ready-to-use, in-built templates on the platform. These templates are totally customisable, editable and are available in fetching colours! And the best part? Your Mango Website can be readied in less than 10 minutes!

Everything is preset, you simply need to add your text! Double click to edit text, and you can rearrange sections too. It is available under the Mango panel, under Mango Websites.

How can you sell your Mangoes better?

We have all the tools you need to sell your offering better. And the ease of use we provide is above market standard.

We have;

Sell your mangoes better 

You’re all set to launch your first workshop or course on TagMango. Spread the link across your Social Media Channels and start promoting aggressively!

Trending Mangoes:

After you’ve created mangoes and started selling your offerings, you will need to keep a track of which mango is doing better. And for that, we have a dedicated section on the dashboard itself called Trending Mangoes.

What can you do in this section?

  • See top 3 and best performing offerings
  • Check earnings, subscribers data and more.
  • Edit Mango Description from here itself

Isn’t it amazing? So go make some mangoes and make them as juicy as possible!

If you are looking to jumpstart your Creator Monetisation journey and haven’t signed up yet on our platform, head here and do so!

To know more about our product features, head to our Blog Section where we churn out more how-tos and helpful guides.

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Edited and re-written by Rachna Srivastava

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