How To Start Your Journey As A TagMango Creator?

Hello there, are you a Creator? Or someone who wishes to be a TagMango Creator? Welcome! 

TagMango is THE place for you to monetise your content in form of live workshops, pre-recorded workshops, cohort-based courses, and soon NFTs, too. We are the YCombinator-backed SAAS tool that enables Creator Monetisation. 

You all have questions about how to register to be a creator at TagMango. Well, here are the answers. In fact, here is a step-by-step guide for you to register to become a TagMango creator

All you need is the zeal to Create and this handy guide below!

Step 1 – Click on the Sign up/login button to start your journey with us

Login on TagMango

To simplify things, and maintain the authenticity of users, we have the one-time password sign-up for verification. Simply input your contact number, enter the OTP, and voila, you are in!

OTP Verification Step

Step 2 – Start off with filling in your personal details

The next step is to build an attractive profile! For your profile, you need to fill in your name, email and upload an image of your dashing self.

Creator Details On TagMango


Step 3: Profile Approval 

Become A Creator Profile Approval

You are simply one step away from hosting live workshops, launch courses, launch NFTs (soon)! We don’t like to keep you waiting, but there is this one teenie-tiny verification step between your profile and the next step as a Creator! We love our Creators, so we also love them to be approved as Creators on the platform. So, we simply ask you a few questions and then once your profile is approved, you are a TagMango Creator. Congratulations!

Step 4 – Create your mangoes

Create A Mango

Next step? Some mangoes! Mangoes on TagMango refer to subscriptions or tiers that you can build. The subscriptions purchased by your audience members will generate revenue for you. These mangoes are totally customisable and you can set the title, prices (monthly or one-time), describe what it’s about to inform users, features and services such as chat and video call for each of them. Oh, you can even edit your mangoes! 

You can create as many mangoes as you want to! And create collections too which, in essence, is a playlist that you can set-up. Though this feature, you can club certain posts, audios and videos into one collection.

Approved Profile

Step 5 – Money talk is very important

Add Payment Details

You need to enter your payment details to receive your subscription revenue. Add your bank details, add GST details (if required), and update your Payment tab. Your payment dashboard will be updated after every mango you create and it gets subscribed to. You can see all your earnings in one place.

PS – Next week we are coming up with an update where you will be able to withdraw your earnings with simply one click.
How awesome is that?

TagMango takes a commission of 10% (excluding payment processing charges or special service charges) on every purchase. 

Step 6 – Start Creating 

Creator Dashboard

Once all that is done, the only thing left for you to do is CREATE! You make ‘em juicy mangoes (sorry, we tend to get very punny) and share with your subscribers. Share your unique Mango links and invite your audience to join your exclusive content offering/s. The unique profile link will lead them directly to your profile page and they can sign-up to your mango without having to download the app. But we would love to have them on the App. We mean, wouldn’t you love that too? 

Both our App and the Website are super-easy to navigate and we are constantly updating ourselves so we can provide you with the best experience. So once, all the above steps are done, you have created your mangoes, you’ve added your payment details, you can start monetising your skills.  

Come, join TagMango, it is the simplest tool for you to explore the freedom to create, much like thousands of creators already on board. 

Re-written by Rachna Srivastava

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