How to use ‘Chat’ as a feature on TagMango?

This blog is to help you understand what how the chat feature works on TagMango and how you can make the most out of it!

What is the ‘Chat’ feature on TagMango?

The fastest way to stay in touch with all your subscribers on TagMango is through the chat feature. Through it, you can have a one-way or two-way communication with all those people who have subscribed to you, as it would be in a messaging platform.

What are the two ways in which the Chat feature works?

  1. When set on default

If you do not add chat as a feature while creating your mango, it will only have a ‘one-way‘ form of communication open. This means that only you will be able to send messages to your subscriber(s). They will be able to view the message, but will not be able to interact or reply to it.

   2. When enabled –

If you want to enable two-way communication on any one of your mango’s, your subscribers will now be able to interact and reply to your message as well.

Using this setting strategically is very important, and you should only enable this setting if you can commit to regularly interacting with your subscribers.

The reason why we have designed this feature this way and given you the onus to enable/disable it is primarily that we respect your privacy and don’t want your subscribers to constantly ping you as it may get cumbersome.

How does the Chat feature help?

Using Chat becomes the fastest means of communication on the app. Regular interactions help in retention and regular feedback from your subscribers can further help you refine your content and features in your mango.

However, there is a chance that you get overburdened with the number of messages coming as well. So ensure that enabling the feature aligns with the goals you want to achieve through your mango.

You can turn off the feature at any time you want by editing your tier. However, we’d recommend you let your subscribers know this before you actually do it!

We hope this helped you understand how the Chat feature works and how you can use it to your advantage! You can check out how the content feature works as well by clicking on this link and how the video calling feature works by clicking here.

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