How To Use The Leads Management Feature On TagMango?

How To Use The Leads Management Feature On TagMango?

What is a business or a venture without leads or any operative leads management system?

For starters, it will be all over the place.

In order to effectively and sustainably scale your earnings and your offerings, you have to create a funnel and guide potential leads to a point where they become part of your community aka buying customers. Yes, it’s slightly technical sales terminology, but when running a business or your personal brand, you’ll have to equip yourself with such knowledge.

What are the benefits of the Lead Management system?

Benefits of Leads Management System

To personally maintain a list of people interested in buying your offerings is extremely cumbersome and exhausting; automating them is the best way forward. And for that, we at TagMango, have an effective-yet-easy process in place. Say hello to our Leads Management feature!

It sits right on the dashboard, and you can see the collated data.

TagMango Dashboard

You can effectively manage all your leads here – whether they are existing subscribers or a different audience. The leads are collected through the exit-intent forms.

How to create Exit-Intent Pop-ups on TagMango?

Well, you know about how we have a handy Landing Page Builder, right? You can choose from conversion-friendly templates that are pre-curated for you. And your Landing Pages aka Mango Websites can be readied in under 10 minutes. Here’s a helpful blog with a step-by-step guide for you. Read.

Exit-Intent Pop-Ups:

Mango Websites are a great way to generate leads. You can set up automated pop-ups to collect details of your visitors. How this helps is in offering discount coupons to these visitors, which in turn means a better conversion rate.

To enable pop-up, head to the left-hand side panel and at the bottom, hit the enable button. Click on Lead Generation Pop Up. 

Exit Intent Pop-up

Add the content in your Pop-Title. Add or remove the field you want to. In the Button title, define what you want the CTA to read. You can choose from “Sign up”, “Join my exclusive community”, “Join the waitlist” and more.

Exit Intent Pop Up On TagMango

Finally, set the time of the pop-up in seconds, when you want to display it. You can even enable it to show a pop-up when one tries to exit.

Sample of Exit Intent Pop Up
Sample of Exit Intent Pop Up

And this is exactly how you collect data which will be displayed in the Leads Management.

From there, you can study the data and you can create coupon codes to sell to these leads directly or entice with offers! In order to create a coupon code, head to the Marketing Section on the main dashboard and create a coupon code. 

Under the Leads Management tab, these are the things you can do:

Filter leads by date or services

Leads Management

Select specific or all leads and download data as CSV

Leads on TagMango

Start Email/WhatsApp/Push notification campaigns for selected leads right from the dashboard.

Send Campaigns to Leads

Managing leads and defining an action for it has never been this easy. And TagMango is here to simplify the process for you so that you can just solely focus on creating!

To know more about our product features, head to our Blog Section where we churn out more how-tos and helpful guides.

If you are looking to jumpstart your Creator Monetisation journey and haven’t signed up yet on our platform, head here and do so!

Happy Creating!

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