How to use ‘Video Calling’ as a feature on TagMango?

This blog will give you a thorough insight into the Video call feature onTagMango and how it can be used by creators!

What is the ‘Video Calling’ feature on TagMango?

The video calling feature on TagMango gives your subscriber an opportunity to book a personalized and one-on-one video call with you.

It basically brings to life a direct online meeting between you and your fan(s).

How does the video calling service work?

When you add a video calling feature on your mango, you have to schedule availability slots through which your subscribers can book the session. Setting up these slots are very important and can be done in the following way –

    1. You need to first click on the create new slot button under the video calling feature.
      Step 1
    2. Next, a screen will open where you need to choose the dates from the calendar given when you will be available to come on a video call. 
      Step 2

      Please note that you can set up slots for the subsequent months in advance. You can keep putting up new slots every week as well.

    3. Once you have picked the dates, you need to select the time frame within which you will be able to attend the calls.
      Step 3

      For instance, you can pick the dates 10th and 15th September on the calendar and set the time between 6-8 pm as the window within which your subscribers can book video calls.

    4. The next step will be to fixate upon the duration of the video calls. You can set these up at your convenience!
      Step 4
    5. Finally, you’ll find suggested slots which will pop up on the basis of your selections. You can pick those and save your mango (or tier) and go live!
      Step 5

Also note, if you have enabled the video call service as a creator but have not set up slots, your subscribers will naturally, not be able to book it. So make sure the same is done!


Once booked, both you and your subscriber will receive a unique link which will be generated from the app. You will find this link in your Inbox.

On the day of the call, you need to click on this link which will lead you to the video call.

Regular notifications will be going to the subscriber to remind them of the time of the booking.
Also, ensure that you write about the video call feature in the description of your mango. To know how you can do that, check out this blog!

How important is the video calling service?

You’ll find a number of fans who are always looking for opportunities to have one-on-one interactions with their favourite creators. Through this feature, you will give an opportunity to the fans to get close to you.

The video calling feature is a very personal tool. It gives the subscriber direct access to talk to their favourite creator. Use it well!

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