India’s first metaverse concert! Musicians check it out now!


From dancing with thousands of people to the beat of our favorite musician in a humongous stadium filled with a crazy vibe to watching them sing through our computer screen on “ZOOM CONCERTS”, our world has changed from real to virtual.

Some of the biggest musicians like Nucleya, Prateek Kuhad, Ritviz tried to keep their audience entertained and engaged with virtual shows.

But haven’t we all missed the adrenal rush of being in a  LIVE CONCERTS!!!

Let’s get familiar with the term, Metaverse Concerts

An evolutionary concept for the music industry. Artists can perform anywhere in the world as people attend the concerts from the comfort of their homes. And that’s not all the experience will be much more immersive than listening to a live video.

Imagine your fans can not just see but experience your concert in Chandigarh from LA. With a VR set an individual can be transported to the fantasy world as a cartoon avatar who can socialize with others attending the concert, dance and above all have fun, just like we all do in person.

Biggest Creators entering the Metaverse

One of the biggest names in the music industry, The Weekend did a massive virtual concert that featured an animated version  of the artist performing his hit song “Blinded By the Lights”where virtual backup dancers performed the famous TikTok dance for the song. Popular rapper Travis scott and pop star Ariana Grande also did a successful virtual concert in the game Fortnite.

India’s first ever Metaverse Concert

Now, with a company called Cryptic Entertainment, India has witnessed its first Metaverse Concert on with a popular English Indie pop music artist, Sparsh Dangwal performing a recorded show attended by 25-30 people.

What’s in it for you?

Without any doubt, we can say that virtual concerts on metaverse are the game changer for music creators. Being a music creator you can provide your audience a physical environment where they can have a virtual experience by actually being in the concert as an avatar.

One of the most beneficial parts for a creator is that there are no physical limitations on the number of people attending. That means anyone and everyone can be a part.

And where music creators have to spend huge money for arrangements of concerts in different cities and take care of travel expenses, virtual concepts will surely be a relief from the financial perspective.

And above all, the metaverse provides a sense of community ownership, a decentralized approach with no specific entity dictating them.

To make the transition easier for artists, Litesh Gumber, founder of Cryptic Entertainment is setting up a metaverse studio in Mohali, Punjab. A complete professional setup. “Artists need to come to the studio, wear a VR headset, and perform,” he stated.

Well well the Indian creator economy is surely ready to be a part of the metaverse. India’s first Metaverse concert has opened the door for Music CREATORS too! And did you know about another door Tagmango has opened ? We are launching NFT’s that musicians can use and if someone purchases, they can host such virtual concerts for them.

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