Instagram Is The New Digital Passport – Fact or Fiction?

Ig is the new digital passport

Imagine you randomly bumped into someone whom you find interesting? What will be the first step you will take? Most Genz and even millennials will go on Instagram and search who the person is and what they do. And if you find them interesting, the rest is history! Well, that’s the trust of today. People find and know people from Instagram

Have you ever wondered why so many people actively use Instagram every day? It might come as a shock for some; however, more than one billion users have active accounts, with around 90% of them following at least one company account and keeping close track of everyday actions. This means that using Instagram for any organization is a definite yes in 2022 and upcoming years. In the last decade, this social media platform has transformed from a photo-sharing platform to a commercial platform to conduct small scale businesses. 

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According to a study released in 2019, almost 10% of Americans own a small-scale business on Instagram. Also, nearly 25 million active businesses are selling competent products worldwide. This means that if you’re planning to start a small business, Instagram is an ideal choice to begin with. The Instagram video editor introduced many new features, tips and tricks to improve the way business is conducted on Instagram. Hence, finding a perfect balance between strategy and creativity is a must. 

Do you know more than half of the businesses today are promoted on Instagram? Your business’s Instagram page almost acts like it’s a passport looking at which your potential customers decide whether they want to invest or not. 

Is Instagram the new digital passport? 

We live in a technology-centered society where we consume tons of data every day. A person’s ability to communicate, curate, and perceive their own identity through sharing themselves has never been so easy as it is now, all because of social media sites like Instagram. There are generally two major schools regarding the concept of identity. These include the old school and new school. In the case of the old school, it includes a thorough identity view as a representation of self as a whole. 

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In the old school, the identity is expressed as the destination point, whereas the new school of identity views it as a never-ending project, fluid and multifaceted. This is a lesser-known fact that everyone using the internet or present on social media sites is actively developing a positive or negative online identity. 

Every time a user posts a picture online, they communicate with the users regarding how they want to be seen or how they wish to be perceived by their people. Be in a belted tan jumpsuit or an oversized red jacket; everything is style on Instagram. These are their choices which are depicted to the world in the form of images. Posting such pictures on their personal social media handles reinforces their self-image or self-concept and, lately, affords reflection and expression of their overall personal identity. 


Another feature that contributes to the construction of personal identity is the profile of an individual. The user’s Instagram profile features the DP, username, provided name, a short bio to add excitement, and a lot of pictures. On Instagram, if you like someone’s content, you can easily follow them just by clicking on the following button. 


Here is why Instagram might be the new digital passport for businesses –


Build trust among your followers 

Trust is the most vital aspect of every business. There’s no denying that today, social media business owners want to present the best product to their customers. As they believe, satisfying their consumers will contribute to building a strong online presence steadily. 

To build such an audience, business owners regularly interact with people to build such an audience, answering their questions and implementing feedback accurately. It helps to establish a strong relationship with existing followers and attracts more followers. Many companies treat Instagram as an integral part of their social media marketing strategies, as it helps them position their brand on the top.




Today, Instagram is the second most accessed social media platform, followed by Facebook. Along with their dogs and cats, everyone is present on social media. Not just dogs or cats but food items and businesses too. Don’t you think it’s a little too much? Well, that’s what people love, the extra! More than 70% of US businesses use Instagram to market their products because it’s worth the time and effort. Most importantly, the results are worth it. 


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