How To Launch Email Marketing & WhatsApp Campaigns On TagMango?

Launch Email Marketing & WhatsApp Campaigns Through TagMango

In this digital age, Email Marketing and WhatsApp campaigns are a great way to connect with anyone in any part of the world. Marketers vouch for them as crucial tools without which any of their campaigns is incomplete.

According to a Sprout Social report, about 99% of the consumers are of the opinion that social can connect people and about 78% of them want brands to use social to bring the community together.

In fact, we have also traced why Email Marketing is crucial for brands and even Content Creators. A Creator’s community feels included and engaged when their Creators regularly share updates about what’s brewing on their end.

Why is Email Marketing Crucial

Both Emails and WhatsApps are influential tools for Creators to keep their subscribers abreast with what is happening and when it is happening, especially when it comes to workshops and courses.

At TagMango, we realise the true potential of email marketing & WhatsApp campaigns for promoting a live or pre-recorded workshop or course. Hence, we have kept it all in our ecosystem. Creators can easily create their own campaigns right from their Dashboard itself!

Here’s a step-by-step lowdown on how to launch email marketing and WhatsApp campaigns through TagMango.

WhatsApp Campaigns:

Step 1: Go to the Marketing Section.

Creator Dashboard Marketing

Step 2: Then, click on Campaigns.


Step 3: Click on Create Campaign. Choose WhatsApp.WhatsApp Campaign


Step 4: Put in the campaign title, choose whether you want to send it to existing subscribers of a particular mango or upload a CSV.

Add details to WhatsApp campaign

Step 5: Next, add a catchy headline for your message, then customise your message using the variables listed.

Customise WhatsApp Campaign

Step 6: A great way to see if all is looking good is to send yourself a test message. Make tweaks accordingly.

Send Test Message & Send

Step 7: If all looks top-notch, hit “Send”.

There! You you have successfully sent out a WhatsApp campaign to your community! See, easy-peasy!

Email Campaigns:

Step 1: Under the Marketing section, select Campaigns, click “Create Campaign” and choose Email.

Email Campaigns on TagMango

Step 2: Add a nice title for your email campaign. Similarly, either choose subscribers of mango or your own CSV list of leads as recipients.

Create an email campaign

Step 3: Now, an email editor window will open with a customisable template.

email editor template on tagmango

Step 4: Customise your Subject line, add an email body using the variables and write your text.

Customise Email on Tagmango

Step 5: Here you can even add images, headers, and more to compose an email that will hook your audience.

Step 6: Send a test email to yourself and see how it has turned out.

Test Email

Step 7: All good? Go ahead and hit “Send Mail”!

Well, congratulations! You have successfully sent an email campaign to your community.

That’s not all! Once your campaigns are live, you can check the status of the campaign, how many people received it, how many opened it, how many responded and more stats across your campaigns.

Campaign Stats

This not only helps in keeping track of all your campaigns, but the stats also help in designing and launching future campaigns keeping the data from previous ones in mind.

A few things to keep in mind when uploading a CSV file:

  • The maximum size of a CSV file should be 250 rows and 10 columns.
  • CSV must contain the header column ‘phone’ for WhatsApp campaigns and ‘email’ for email campaigns.
  • All other header columns should not contain spaces or special characters in their name; only underscore is acceptable.

Now that you have gotten wise to how you can craft your campaigns, it is time to get started!

We just cannot lay enough stress on why these are important to sell your offering/s better!

Check out this video we made to simplify things for you!

TagMango is the simplest platform to launch live or pre-recorded courses and workshops on. Not only that, our product features are designed in such a way that it maximises a Creator’s earnings by reducing their effort in doing so!

Seamless, right? Go, get started! If you need any help in navigating the product or wondering how to start your monetisation journey, check out the blogs below.

Till then, keep creating!

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