Meet The Chartistt, A 21-YO Who Earned Rs 35+ Lakh In 9 Months On TagMango


A dream doesn’t become reality through magic; it takes sweat, determination and hard work. – Colin Powell

While the above is true, what also helps in dreams coming true is intrigue and the zest to make it. Today, we are talking about a Creator’s story that is brimming with inspiration and the zest we just mentioned. This is the story of a young lad, who in just about 9 months earned over Rs 35 lakhs on TagMango.

The Chartistt

Meet Manish Kumar a.k.a The Chartistt. He is a finance creator whose expertise stretches from teaching people how to trade and earn in the stock market to understanding the intricacies of Crypto. Apart from being one of the youngest in the field, his zeal for constantly expanding his own horizon of knowledge is highly inspiring. 

Manish is a 21-year-old industrious entrepreneur and trader from Jamshedpur. Ever since his first year in college he was highly intrigued by the world of startups and decided to create something of his own. Being someone with a keen interest in the stock and Crypto market,  Manish realised the potential there. He was taken aback by the dearth of valuable information online. Moreover, the misinformation in the finance space made his interpretation of the market even more dubious. He realised the opportunity in that space and thus, The Chartistt was born. 

The Chartistt

Being an early adopter of Instagram Reels was perhaps one of the most strategic content choices he made. On gaining high traction and public support by making market information accessible in an easy-to-understand format, he began building a loyal audience. 

While monetising his content was a distant dream for Manish, TagMango helped him with that. He adds, “Discussions with the TagMango team helped me in charting out a Crypto Currency Trading Course. I was overwhelmed by the response because more than 400 people registered for it. To be honest, Day 1 of the course was a little boring. However, from the second day onwards I felt a much deeper connection with my audience as they began to resonate with my teaching style. Ever since then there’s been no looking back. Till date, I have taught over 1000 people through my courses and countless others on social media”. 

On asking The Chartistt about what makes his content special he explained that being young helps him connect to the needs of new traders who enter the market with limited capital. He says, “I want to maximise the knowledge I present while minimising the cost for my audience. Even today despite the high demand for my courses, I only conduct them in batch sizes of 30 people to ensure the quality of knowledge. I only have one major intention behind this – Pehle Saraswati ko respect karte hain, Laxmi ko hum aage jaake respect karenge”. 

In the 9 months he has been with TagMango, he has taken home earnings upwards of Rs 35+ lakh and is one of the highest earning Creators on the platform. The success of his courses has helped him fulfil his father’s lifelong dream of owning a car, which has been the most beautiful moment of his life!

Manish Kumar aka The Chartistt with his father

On talking about how courses have helped him on a personal level, Manish highlights three interesting things

  • Firstly, the respect he receives from his students. Some of them are doctors, CAs and even government officials. 
  • Secondly,  the connection he has with his students makes him feel responsible to create quality content and drives him to make more quality knowledge highly accessible. 
  • Thirdly, he expresses how teaching has helped him improve his own trading. 



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Ask Manish what are the challenges Creators face that lead to not enough or barely any monetisation of skills, he quips, “The biggest problem is self-doubt. Being a young creator you are influenced by what your peers in college would think about you. Before monetisation, the larger devil to face is consistency. Creating content as a side hustle is a difficult task and it’s even tougher if you want to be consistent”.

He further adds, “There is also a lack of resources to produce content. Ever since Jio has brought about a spike in the number of active content consumers there has also been a wave of content creators to meet that demand. In order to break through the clutter, the next thing everyone is looking for is better production quality.” And he has overcome these challenges and some he is still working on.

The Chartistt’s story is certainly one of the most insightful and interesting TagMango success stories. From teaching himself how to trade with limited resources to fulfilling his father’s dream, his journey of determination, perseverance and most importantly, drive is truly inspiring.

Written by Rohan Phatale

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