Monetising With Mr. Beast

Better known as Mr Beast, YouTube sensation Jimmy Donaldson has racked up more than 6 billion views since he started his own YouTube channel at the age of 13 in 2012. Today, Mr Beast has more than 92 million loyal subscribers who religiously follow his enthralling content, making him one of the richest YouTubers in the entire YouTube fraternity. The place is growing unstoppably, not just for him but also for upcoming content creators. However, how Mr Beast managed to make his money remains a secret.



Don’t you think earning millions and even billions is uncommon for a 22-year-old boy? It is not every day that you see buying five stores with the objective of giving away all his content. Well, Mr Beast, the ruler of many hearts, does such stunts. Whether it is giving someone an island of $800,000giving away a $100,000 diamond, or getting into a house to leave a check of $50,000, Mr Beast does it all! Although all of this comes at the cost of personal loss; however, these crazy stunts made him the Internet star who outshines everyone. 


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Keeping all this in mind, what do you think, how much money does Mr Beast might be making? Let’s explore monetising with Mr Beast here!

Before understanding creator monetisation, let’s explore his sources of income.

Viral content 

Mr Beast is a popular YouTuber who has earned millions of dollars over a period of 10 years just by regularly posting on the Internet. In order to sustain his videos, he does spend a lot of his income, which is surely a marketing strategy. Like all YouTubers in the world, his primary sources of income include AdSense. Along with this, get more than 30-35 million views on every video. In simple terms, Mr Beast manages to make a higher percentage of the total income that the video platform Google makes through these advertisements. 




Apart from Adsense, another most common way to make a huge pile of money through YouTube is through brand deals. There are several small-scale and large-scale companies that keep one hopping from one Internet influencer to another. However, if they require massive results in minimum time, Mr Beast is the target. With an average of 30 million views of every video, don’t you think his words will attract maximum people to click on the company’s website? The best part is that, as he continues to grow, most people in the industry want to collaborate with him. 

Other ventures

Mr Beast is not only a content creator; he also runs his personalised clothing line. It majorly ranges from Beast apparel to gaming-specific cool designs. Apart from this, a few years ago, Mr Beast came up with a range of clothing for his own Mr Beast Burger venture. Coming up with the Burger chain in the United States was a big decision. When he first opened up, the menu was limited to a delivery-only option. However, today, it is spread in more than 300 locations. In the world of creators, it was a big and new step that inspired several others too. 

mr beast burger 

The net worth of Mr Beast 

There is no exact calculation of how much Mr Beast earns, nor can we give a definitive number stating it. According to a celebrity’s website, Mr Beast’s net worth is nearly $16 million, whereas most believe that his net worth is somewhere around $8 million. No matter how many numbers come in, he is a millionaire for sure! He aims to earn more only to give it away. 


As per a tweet made in 2020, Mr Beast wants to open up hundreds of shelters for the homeless and food banks to feed people. Although he loses a massive amount during the stunts he performs on his channel, he is able to get more because of the unconditional love that his audience showers on him. He once said that he wanted to die with $0 in his bank account.


Mr Beast, a young but extremely talented and giving personality, is inspiring thousands and millions of people with his posts on social media every day. Over the years, Jimmy Donaldson, aka Mr Beast, has been known for his ability to earn and give it to others. At TagMango, we help content creators to attract and equip their potential audiences directly. TagMango is a mobile and web app-based SAAS platform that provides the creator’s economy with the payment gateway, a chat feature, landing page builder, inbuilt video-hosting, and a wide range of tools for seamlessly hosting cohort-based live courses and workshops.


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