5 New Reasons To Love TagMango — New App Updates!

TagMango App Updates

Hey Creators, we are back with a whole new caboodle of updates on the TagMango App so that your experience is richer and better. We are constantly improving and evolving and in this round of updates, our tech wizards have fixed and gotten new features ready for your perusal. We see these as new reasons for you to love us!

Here are the new updates:

Styled Text Editor:

Edit Mango Details

You can now seamlessly edit and stylise your mango description and even your “about you” section with ease and make textual changes and add heading styles and make your text more attractive.

 Mango Editing:

Now this one’s a relief! In case you want to revise the price of your Mango, you can now do so. Earlier you could only change the description text or title of the Mango you’d create. But now you can change the price too, with ease. Additionally, you will now be able to change the date of your mango as well! 

 Order of collections:

The collections feature which enabled our Creators to club their posts was a major hit! We have added a new layer to it where you can change the order of your collections! You can set up the chronological order you want without any hassle. Cool, right?!

  Video Thumbnails:

You can easily change or edit your video thumbnails on the TagMango App, now. And while you’re at it, make sure you utilise this feature and add vibrant and apt thumbnails. They always help with engagement! 

 Workshop Time:

No more reminders during the masterclass and the rush to wrap up early. You can simply extend the time during the workshop and make your masterclasses and offerings more elaborate and fun in real-time.

With these fixes, we are sure your overall experience will become faster, smoother, and there have been some design fixes too. The video call feature has been enhanced, as well.

We are sure you’ll love it. In case you need any assistance or are facing any issues, you can reach out to us at support@tagmango.com and we will be happy to help you out! 

So Creators, get, set and Create more Mangoes!

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