TagMango Has Launched India’s First-Ever Creator Pad, And Here’s What In Store For Creators!


The name is Pad. Creator Pad!

India has the fasting growing community of Creators. But what is that one thing that every creator craves? It is Freedom itself! Freedom to create, to chill, to connect, and to be. We heard you! And hence, we created India’s first-ever Creator Pad. 

We flipped a bungalow in Juhu and turned it into the coolest space for Creators. Ladies, gentlemen and them, say hello to the TagMango Creator Pad

Tagmango Creator Pad

It is not just a physical space, it is an idea that we have launched. 

So what is the Creator Pad?

TagMango Creator Pad

It is a co-working, co-living, co-creating space like no other. And well, you gotta admit it is mango-nificent. It can be your office. It can be your play zone. It can be a community space. It can be whatever you want it to be. 

What are the amenities at the Pad?

Coworking at TagMango Pad

You name it, we have it. First things first it is a co-working space. So you can come work out of the pad. It has got tall desks, hammocks, lounge chairs, and more. And to enable work that is ultrafast, we also have WiFi that’s so fast that you won’t be furious. 

Now coming to the co-living aspect of it. Yes Creator, you can come live with us. Our doors are open for you, so if you need a place to crash in the City of Dreams a la Mumbai, then come visit us after booking a slot. We got rooms and bunk beds just for you.

What’s more?

We are smitten by the Arabian Sea that you can catch waving to you as we are located right on the Juhu Beach. Did we not tell you that it is a beach-facing bungalow? Oh, it is! So be rest assured that sunsets from here are breathtaking. 

TagMango Creator Pad Juhu

And of course, the pool, guys. We have a pool, too, by which you can chill or in which you can float your worries. It is also the perfect spot to sunbathe and work (if you can resist the urge to plunge into the pool or take your eyes off the beach). 

Anything else?

Community Events TagMango

Of course, there is. Our Creator Pad is also a place where you can host or participate in a bunch of community events. Right from workshops to seminars to webinars to even Antakshari (don’t judge us) we are game for all sorts of events. Recently, we hosted a great sundowner for start-up founders and investors and it was phenomenal. 

What do the Founders have to say?

Divyanshu Damani, Co-founder and CEO of TagMango said, “It all started with a dream to create freedom. Working together for so long with creators has allowed us to understand that this community of millions simply needs one thing: Freedom! And that is exactly what we are offering. India’s first Creator Pad will give the creators an opportunity to work together, meet like-minded people and create magic in a stress-free and safe environment. And we are extremely thrilled to host you, so come home soon creators”.

Mohammad Hasan, Co-founder of TagMango, ”Creator economy is growing every second and we are here to make creators life easy, interesting and of course fun. India’s first Creator Pad is here to offer Freedom to creators for doing what they are best at. Creators are welcome here anytime to create, co-create, connect with like-minded people and chill. So come home soon creators!”

What about the fee? 

Umm, what fee? All of this is for FREE! Yep! Totally free!

Finally, what can you do to experience this? 

Jyada kuch nahi, just click on the link here, book your slot and come HOME!

See you soon, Creator! 

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