TagMango Has A One-click Payment System. Here’s How It Works!

TagMango Payment System

Well, let’s be honest, getting hands on one’s payment easily can be a thorn in one’s flesh aka v.irritating!

But it doesn’t have to be!

Cuz, on TagMango we have a one-click payment system, so Creators have the liberty to withdraw their hard-earned money in a jiffy! Yep, you, Creator, can simply transfer your earnings to your bank account. 

Easy Peasy
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It doesn’t get easier than this, trust us!

In the last slew of updates, we made payment collection an easy-peasy-clickety-squeezy task.

Let’s walk you through it!

On your Creator Dashboard (this is what it looks like after you’ve logged in), head to the Earnings & Withdrawal Section!

Earnings & Withdrawal

You can see an overview of all your earnings across mangoes.

Earnings of Mangoes

You can View Invoices, Download Summary and check the breakdown of your earnings.

A sample view

But first, you need to add your account details and PAN card details to set up the withdrawal system. This is a one-time process.

To set up your payment details, head to your Profile, on the top right corner of the screen.

View Profile on TagMango

Click on View Profile; this is what it looks like.

Profile View to add payment details
A sample view

Now click on Payment details.

Payment Details for TagMango Payment System

Click on Bank details, add your name, IFSC code, Account Number, and Bank name; and hit Save.

Bank Account Details On TagMango

Now go back to the Payment details, and click on PAN details. Enter your Permanent Account Number (PAN). Upload an image of your PAN card. Hit Save.

PAN Card Details

You can also add GST details under this section. This is optional and varies from Creator to Creator.

GST Details

And you are set to draw out your hard-earned monies.

To do so, under Earnings & Withdrawal, you can hit “Withdraw” and there, with one click, you can collect your payment to your linked Bank Account.

Withdraw payments with one-click
A sample view

Umm, just a few things to note about payments:

  • We charge 10% commission, so Your earnings show after deducting 10% commission.
  • Your payment will be released only after your bank details are verified.
  • The withdrawn amount will be processed within 3 business days (excluding Saturday, Sunday and Bank Holidays).
  • You can withdraw payments only TWICE a week.
  • For any payment related queries, please write to support@tagmango.com.

Is that all? Hell, no! Here’s another important feature we offer Creators on the platform: Transactions!

Under the Transactions tab, you can review ALL your orders, whether successful or failed.

Transactions on TagMango
A sample view

Details about Order Id, Mango against which the order was placed, by whom the order was purchased, which coupon code was used, the amount, the status of the order (completed or initiated), and the particular invoice can be culled out from here.

Transactions can be searched by name, email, mango name or coupon code. They can also be filtered by date range or from Mango Websites.

Transaction History

The page also gives you an overview of your total earnings, orders initiated and successful orders.

You can download a collated CSV of all your orders, too, from here.

If you need to send out invoices to your subscribers, you can download a computer-generated individual invoice from this section itself and then send it across.

Send Invoices
A sample invoice

TM Suggests: If you’ve noticed a certain order was initiated but not completed, you can reach out to that subscriber and amicably nudge them towards making a purchase or helping them by resolving any technical issue they may have faced or are facing!

Our sole focus at TagMango is to make our Creators’ lives simpler. Hence, we have built a robust product loaded with features that help make the process of Creation hassle and stress-free.

To know more about TagMango and its features, head to our Blog section where we regularly churn out useful how-tos and insightful content to help our Creators.

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