Why Is TagMango The Simplest Tool To Conduct Online Workshops?

Why is TagMango the best

We are living in 2022 and workshops have become synonymous with cohesive learning! TBH, online workshops offer great opportunities to enhance knowledge, collaborate, and engage with some excellent experts and thought leaders who wish to impart their knowledge. 

Undoubtedly, it has become a key element in online learning, e-courses, and webinars. There are many benefits of workshops, it offers recognition, it increases brand value and recognition, makes things more interactive and the learning approach is very practical and hands-on.

For Creators, workshops are the best ways to monetise their individual skill-set and build their community. 

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What is TagMango?

TagMango is a SaaS tool for content creators and influences. The platform allows Creators and influencers to monetise their content, and even showcase their services with built-in tools. TagMango provides modern solutions to industry professionals and helps make their workshops highly interactive, with an improved user learning experience.

It is a platform that allows Creators to host workshops and share them with their audience. Whether it’s recorded sessions or live tutorials, TagMango offers a platform for anyone looking to host workshops,

How TagMango is the simplest tool to conduct your next workshop?

TagMango provides unique options to put out your creative content. It can be text, audio, video, images, excel sheets and documents, pre-recorded videos, collections, and even courses.

Now let’s look at what all TagMango offers its Creators:

Build a Profile in less than two minutes:

You can become a Creator real quick on TagMango. It is extremely simple and easy to make your Profile on TagMango. It takes under two minutes to submit your details and build your profile. 

tagmango welcome page

Make some Mangoes:

After your Profile is approved, you can start creating Mangoes (your unique offerings like online workshops, chttps://blog.tagmango.com/why-courses-a-must-for-content-creators/ourses, pre-recorded content, etc). These Mangoes can be picked (subscribed) by a community and your community who can purchase them and register for your workshop.

You can edit, stylise and make your mangoes more attractive in the app itself. Oh, you can have multiple mangoes in one go! 

create a mango

Shareability Max:

When you create a Mango, unique links are generated and they can be very easily shared with your audience across various platforms. These URLs are short, crisp and will not crowd your social media.

link sharing

In-App Features:

When you start Creating on TagMango, you have the various tools at your perusal to stay connected with your subscribers. You can create posts, schedule posts, chat with your subscribers, send them emails, check your emails.

You can even check the statistics of your subscribers, which will help you manage and plan your content after analysing the statistics.

It also offers one-on-one video calls options, and we are bringing a Messaging feature soon.

video calling

Ease of Payment:

You just create and not worry about when the payment is coming in! Your subscribers can buy your Mangoes with one click and there are new and enhanced payment options built-in in the app for smoother transactions. One common problem that Creators at large face is managing content and payments themselves. But no more! You just concentrate on Creating and nothing else!

You can also charge GST for a single mango or across all your Mangoes. You can add GST details to your profile and enable GST with a single click!

Interactive Dashboard:

Your Creator Dashboard is very easy to use and very comprehensive. Right from all the in-built tools mentioned above, Creators can see their earnings and access so many features through it. 


The best part:

You know what the best part is? All of this, yes, all of this, is for FREE!

Workshops undoubtedly help one grow. You as a Creator and your audience too. If you’re a creator looking to conduct online workshops by using the most effective tools, then TagMango is your best bet! Think monetization, think TagMango!

So let’s get you started! Head to TagMango, sign up and CREATE!

Written by Rachna Srivastava, with inputs from Key Digital

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