TagMango – the best alternative for Gumroad

The Creator Economy is no longer in its nascent stage. It is booming big time, and the passion economy is taking the front stage.

And, shining the brightest spotlight on Creator-preneurs and subject matter experts is TagMango with its suite of handy tools that make the process of creation smoother.

While Gumroad is a good platform and bears a lot of similarities with TagMango, what it misses out on we offer right within our platform itself. Be it the ease with which a service is created in seconds to more tools helpful in nurturing and fostering a community; we have it all.

Here’s a simplistic table to give you a perspective of feature differentiators for TagMango vs Gumroad.

As mentioned earlier, Gumroad is a good platform, but it doesn’t support live workshop hosting. Whereas, TagMango has an in-built video hosting feature where Creators can easily host live workshops for up to 100 people and even host webinars for up to 1000 people.

That’s not all, at the core of TagMango we want Creators to build and nurture their leads and form a close-knit community. To help with that we have an integrated chat system, DMs, interactive Community feed, the ability to create targeted WhatsApp and Email Campaigns, coupon codes, certificates, courses complete with sections and resources, Exit Intent Pop-ups to capture potential leads, etc.

TagMango offers a bunch of customisations, be it in terms of totally customisable landing page builder or even White-Labelled solutions for Creators in terms of their own App and Website.

Our unique on-video upsell feature is the most loved feature where a Creator can sell their more premium offering right on the live video call, hassle-free.

And, our most powerful weapon is our Pirated Content Takedown. At TagMango, we take content security very easily. Content Piracy is a huge pain point for Creators as their content gets leaked on the Internet. TagMango will help you tackle pirated content, and take it down within 48 hours from the face of the earth!

While Gumroad is good for selling a variety of products and services, TagMango is the best platform for Creators who want to scale their business and offerings. TagMango is built to make its Creators self-sustained and also provides ALL the tools necessary to do so. Our tools are stupid simple to use and they make our Creators’ lives a whole lot simpler.

And we pride ourselves in delivering to you a robust product that is built by the Creators and for the Creators!

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Written by Rachna Srivastava


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