TagMango – the best alternative for Kajabi

The Creator Economy received the required push during the global lockdown and became a 9.7-billion-dollar industry in 2020. It is slated to be a 100-billion-dollar industry in the coming years.

SaaS platforms like Kajabi have been pivotal in this growth, no doubt. But TagMango has built a successful marketplace for Creators who are contributing big time to the Creator Economy boom.

With plenty of similarities both Kajabi and TagMango are key players in the industry. But at the same time, TagMango offers its users more tools that are simple to use and quite handy in order to scale their earnings.

Here’s a simple table to give you a perspective of feature differentiators for TagMango vs Kajabi.

As mentioned earlier, both Kajabi and TagMango offer similar features and Kajabi is a good platform. But it is expensive. And is a tad bit complex to use. Whereas TagMango is built keeping simplification for Creators in mind. Our tools are stupid simple to use.

Additionally, we offer a unique live upselling which Kajabi doesn’t. Creators can sell their premium offerings right on the live video call without sending their subscribers to any external window. All happens right on the call window.

Also, our Pirated Content Takedown features provide Creators with an added layer of security and assurance that their content is 100% safe. Content Piracy is a huge pain point for Creators as their content gets leaked on the Internet. TagMango will help you tackle pirated content, and take it down within 48 hours from the face of the earth!

The ease of use and the suite of handy tools that we provide our Creators with make the whole process of Creation simple for any creator. The only thing a TagMango Creator has to worry about is Creating content, and the rest of it we’ve taken care of!

Right from the ability to send out WhatsApp & Email Campaigns and push notifications from the platform itself to the ability to create their own professional landing pages within minutes, workshops within seconds to courses in no time, interactive Feed and dashboard, in-built analytics, in-built certificate and coupon code builder, exit intent pop-ups for better lead management, and A LOT more, we have simplified everything for a Creator from any niche.

We pride ourselves upon delivering to you a robust product that is built by the Creators and for the Creators!

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Written by Rachna Srivastava

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