TagMango – the best alternative to Teachable

Knowledge is power. While Creators have the knowledge to share with the world, we at TagMango provide them with the power to spread that knowledge.

Teachable works with the same goal. But the key difference between the two platforms is that Teachable concentrates more on courses, whereas TagMango is a seamless platform to build and host workshops, courses, webinars, 1-on-1 consultations, and a lot more.

It simply takes 120 seconds to build a live workshop on TagMango and our suite of tools makes it wholesome for a Creator not only to host the workshop live on our platform but also to create certificates, coupon codes, WhatsApp campaigns, and more with tonnes of customisations.

Here’s a simplistic table to give you a perspective of feature differentiators for TagMango vs Teachable.

There are many similarities between Teachable and TagMango, but there are many differentiating factors as well that give TagMango an extra edge over it. Like on Teachable, a Creator cannot host a live workshop or webinar. On TagMango, we have an in-built video hosting tool that allows video calls for up to 100 participants and webinars for up to 1000 participants!

TagMango also offers a unique video upsell feature that happens right on the live video call, in real-time. Plus, we also offer customised White-labelled app and website to Creators.

Not only that, TagMango allows Creators to build their communities with feed and integrated chat and DMs, customise their own certificates, craft and send WhatsApp/Email Campaigns from the platform itself, make exclusive and easily made landing pages (websites) for their offerings, complete with Exit Intent Pop-ups to effectively capture potential leads who can be targeted for future campaigns or enticed with coupon codes and more. Some of these features are available on Teachable but they require a third-party integration. TagMango comes with all of it in-built – a close-knit ecosystem.

TagMango is built to make its Creators self-sustained and also provides ALL the tools necessary for their business/offering to scale. Our tools are stupid simple to use and they make our Creators’ lives a whole lot simpler.

And we pride ourselves in delivering to you a robust product that is built by the Creators and for the Creators!

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Written by Rachna Srivastava

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