All-New TagMango – 9 Major Updates!

all new tagmango

Creators love innovating, and we love innovating for them. This month’s product feature was our biggest update so far and we added a ton of new features to enable our creators to host and sell workshops more effectively. A lot of these new features have been set up to give a creator more tools to set up marketing campaigns, analyse what’s working and what isn’t and take decisions accordingly. There are also completely novel additions like the drag-drop landing page templates, coupon code generation, and our exit intent pop-up!
Here’s a list of our new tools, dig right in!

1. Feed 

The Feed Page with an updated UI gives you a chronological view of all the pieces of content you have put up across different mangoes. These content pieces can be filtered according to the format they’ve been published in – text, image, video, audio.

You can also create content and set up video calls for your workshops directly on the feed page and see a list of your upcoming workshops.

tagmango feed

2. Chat 

The all-new Chat section has been developed keeping in mind how important communication is in community building! A Creator can now not only directly interact with all of their subscribers but also promote peer-to-peer communication to strengthen their community with like-minded individuals! With well-thought privacy settings, multiple attachment options, and customizable features – the chat feature is already a hit and is being used actively by our creators.

tagmango chat feature

3. Courses

Building courses can sound like a mammoth of a task, but not when you’re doing it through TagMango. The all-new course builder page ensures creators can easily set up, design, and upload their courses – module by module. It has been created in such a way that creators don’t spend time building their course but work more on finding creative ways to sell it.


courses on tagmango

4. Video Calls 

We’ve updated and launched a new video calling system through which creators can easily host workshops or webinars. This dual-mode allows creators to host video calls of their choice and brings the control in their hands.

With all features that you’d expect in any world-class video calling software, we’ll also be adding innovative tools through which creators will be able to automatically sell other workshops of theirs, right from the video call. Let’s leave that for the next blog!

Video Calls

5. Certificates

Certificates are a vital part of any course, workshop or webinar. They enable subscribers to validate their learnings and also make a good selling point for creators to sell their workshops and courses. Creators will now be able to build, customise and send personalised certificates to their subscribers with the click of a button.


6. Marketing

A crucial element behind the success of any workshop is how well you’re marketing it. It’s also imperative to have access to data, analytics and numbers to track how well your campaigns are doing. We’ve added a ton of new and exciting features on the marketing side to ensure a creator can now –

a) Set-up coupon codes and create multiple campaigns for different audience segments;
b) Build and generate lead funnels and target them via email or our all new WhatsApp marketing feature;
c) Platform integrations like Zapier, Facebook and Google Analytics pixels through which a creator can run customised ad campaigns;
d) Page views to understand which workshops/courses are attractive and which aren’t.

The analytics of all these features will of course be available centrally to make decisions.

7. Dashboard 

The new Dashboard gives you a bird’s eye view of your earnings, mangoes, profile visits and a ton of other features which can help you make quick but informed decisions around your workshops and courses.


8. Landing Page template builder 

landing page

Think Canva for landing pages – we’ve made that happen! Creators often want to build their own websites but hesitate because it can be a meticulous and time-taking process. We’ve solved that by creating drag-drop landing page templates which can be ready within 10 minutes.

These templates have been designed to optimise for selling and we’ll continuously add more templates for creators to choose from!


9. Exit-intent Popups 

Creating pop-ups to push your website visitors has always required coding or complex mechanisms. But we’ve done what we specialise in – make stuff easy! You can now create completely customisable exit-intent pop-ups on your landing page.

These can be used to push sales, collect leads or in any way you deem fit!

Whew, that’s a lot of new features for one update. We truly believe in keeping our ears to the ground taking constant feedback from you, are creators to ensure we keep giving you the best possible product!

TagMango will be adding more and more super exciting features, the likes of which have never been seen before really soon – so watch out this space for the same!

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