Here’s How TagMango’s Video Calling Feature Eliminates The Need For Zoom!

How TagMango’s Video Calling Feature Eliminates The Need For Zoom!

During the pandemic, Zoom has been our boon and a curse! While the video calling app has become synonymous with meetings, webinars and remote working, we, too, have hosted a zillion workshops for Creators on it.

But, but, but, all good things must come to an end to make way for greater things, right?! So, we eliminated the need for Zoom to conduct workshops on our platform.

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Because we introduced a brand-new group video calling feature right inside the TagMango ecosystem so that you don’t have to depend on anything or anyone else. *victory laugh*

Creators have often faced many challenges while hosting their workshops on Zoom (and even Facebook groups). Be it manually reminding their attendees or keeping a track of who has paid to send them links or constant coordination with their subscribers. We have eliminated all of that!

Plus, there are many benefits of hosting your workshop on TagMango

TagMango Video Call


Let’s take a look at how the video calling feature helps eliminate the need for Zoom!

Unique Upsell Feature:

In-video upsell on TagMango

Hosting workshops is extremely simple on TagMango. Not only can a Creator seamlessly conduct a live workshop without any hassles or distractions, but we have a very unique feature of Upselling live during a workshop. During an ongoing workshop, Creators can easily create an upsell for a mango (service), add discounts and sell the unique offering to the subscribers in an instant.

It keeps everything in the ecosystem itself, the subscribers do not have to copy the link or open it in any new window. Instead, they can without a hitch do it right on the call. And Creators can simultaneously get notified who has made the purchase in real-time. We told you it is unique!

Automatic Notifications

Notifications on TagMango

As soon as you have created a video call, the subscribers (subs) of that particular mango get notified on email and WhatsApp. They know in a jiffy that their favourite Creator (which is YOU) has created a new video call!

No need to manually remind them to join!

Email Notification

We know the pain of manually sharing links and reminding your subscribers to join the workshop. You really don’t have to divert your time and energy in doing so at all now! Your subs get automated reminders on WhatsApp and email 30 minutes before your session goes live and when the session goes live. 

No unauthorised attendees!

Join video call through app or website

Your subs can join the video call ONLY through the TagMango App or website! No link is generated and your subscribers have to join through the “Join” tab on App or Website! This means there will be no unauthorised attendees in your session and you are guaranteed a smooth process!

No time limit!

Zoom's meeting limit
Zoom’s meeting limit

You don’t have a timer of free “40 minutes running and then pay” anymore in the background. Workshops hosted on our video calling feature can last up to hours without any interruption. 

Our Creators are loving it!

The group video calling feature is an absolute hit amongst our creators. They are seamlessly hosting their live workshops on TagMango itself.

What’s more in store is that we are adding more features to it. Like, soon enough you will be able to conduct polls, take live Q&As, and homogeneously interact with your subscribers better; all during the live workshop!

Are we right or are we right when we say you don’t need Zoom anymore to host your workshops?

Wondering how you can set up a workshop/group video call on TagMango? Don’t worry, we have created a step-by-step guide for you here! Take a look!

And if you want more visual insights, watch this cool video we made.

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Written by Rachna Srivastava

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