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content quality check

We all grew up watching the nuances of our lives imitated by Prajakta Koli. All of us have stopped at the temple of BeerBiceps for regular life lessons of Ranveer Allahbadia. Most of us have made the first investment of our lives after seeking recommendations from Ankur Warikoo. Creators are an invaluable part of our lives. We laugh with them, learn from them, and carry them in our pockets at all times of the day. And, it takes a lot of effort to produce something of value to the world.

Every piece of content floating on the Internet includes tons of small details. A 10-minute YouTube video can take up to a week worth of research and effort. For years, the side characters of Lilly Singh’s sketches have worn the same clothes. That’s a long laundry bill. It takes a lot of effort to make it as a content creator. Producing high-quality content with consistent messaging while entertaining your fans and courting new followers is hard — but not impossible.

Ranveer Allahbadia

Interested in joining the ranks of Tanmay Bhat and Technical Guruji? We can help. Here’s a general checklist that you need to follow to become a pro at content creation.

1. Know Your Audience

Tanmany Bhat

Presumptuous much? Well, we have to be. Before we set sail to boats through the uncharted waters of content creation, we need to make sure that we are on the right path. After breaking his hiatus in 2019, Tanmay Bhat started testing the field by uploading a variety of content to his Instagram profile and YouTube channel. Not much later, he had identified his target audience: 18-27 aged Indian men with unlimited data and a passion for online gaming. As soon as he had this data figured out, he doubled down, hired two video editors of the same age group, and started producing regular content. This departed interestingly from his carefully crafted, socially aware, politically active, feminist persona. Bhat knew his audience: they wanted to laugh and not be lectured. Do you?

The illusion of unlimited online space is the biggest distraction for every content creator. You cannot make content for everyone, so don’t try. Instead, find your niche, and then find your audience and stick to your guns.

2. Research Your Content

There are two types of Indians: those who watch Technical Guruji’s review before buying gadgets and those who don’t. Gaining absolute dominance, rivaling that of America’s MKBHD, is what Gaurav Chaudhary achieved by putting hours of research behind every single review. Because users are the most unforgiving demographic on the planet. Fool them once, lose them for life. Padding your content with original and bullet-proof research is an earmark of an efficient content creator. The creator ecosystem is fast-paced and relies on trends to make the most of the SEO boom. Balancing the entertainment and uniqueness of the content while adhering to the quality standards can be overwhelming. Your thorough research will be rewarded as you continue to publish error-free content that cements your legacy as the leading figure in your niche.

3. Script Your Content

prajakta kohli

It takes hours, days, and weeks to prepare the perfect script for your content. Once you have collated your research, the task of scripting begins. Mostly Sane and entirely lovely, Prajakta Koli describes her content as collaborative and conversational and loves to stick to the script to maintain streamlined consistency and quality. The result? Almost 6 million subscribers are waiting for a new video to drop every week. Before you shoot your content, make sure it is backed by an airtight script.

4. Shoot it right

Preproduction prep is a battle half won. Tons of things make up the shot. You need to work with lighting, frames, background, and props as you go. Here’s a handy checklist for you:

  1. Check your gear
  2. Examine the background frame
  3. Set up your camera for the shot
  4. Frame the background and take a proxy shot
  5. Adjust the exposure, focus, and the white balance of the shot
  6. Start shooting

5. Optimise

Bhuvan Bam

Ensure that both long-tail and short-tail keywords are appropriately used and that the phrases are relevant to your target demographic. If Bhuvan Bam hadn’t nailed the SEO game during the heights of Vines, he would not have reached most of his audience. Every digital upload has a landing page, including websites, blogs, and videos that require a meta description. Optimise your uploads properly to give them a proper landing address and detectable designation. Use the most relevant anchor text for backlinks and use a concise and clear meta description for all posts.

 6. Measure Your Content


With a prep like this, we are sure your content will have a lot of teeth. But how will it perform? Unless you are a content savant-like CarryMinati (Ajey Nagar), who has amassed a billion views with his daily streams and consistent posting, you need a visual aid to measure the performance of your content. You can do it through a content matrix. A content matrix is a visual tool that organises your content based on its funnel stage and ideal reach. Run your ideas against the matrix to visualise your existing strategy and access the final execution of the your ideas.

Wrapping up,

Wrong information, displaced ads, broken links, and grammatical mistakes — a lot can go wrong when you’re producing videos, reels, tweets daily. This is why keeping a handy checklist and striking the points as you go is a high-reward habit that you must emulate as a content creator. You can also monetise your content creation at TagMango, the perfect platform to reach thousands of people through online workshops and cohort-based courses. Creating valuable, high-quality content that is both engaging and high-quality can be challenging. At TagMango, the creators are guided by an incredible team. Sign up today to learn more!


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