The importance of good mango images

Visuals have an exceptional way to attract and connect with your audiences. It’s the first impression you make to the eyes. We are in a new dynamic era around image use and creation – its first impress first serve more than first come first serve. 


Here’s 5 tips you need to know when you select your cover image –


  • Human element – your face makes the experience more indulging and less artificial. It shows the human behind the camera and adds a personality to linger.
  • Crafty Caption – convey the maximum you wish to in the minimum amount of words. Try to keep the title on the cover image to be the same as the mango title. For tips to write a great mango title and kill 2 birds with a stone check out our blog on it!
  • Don’t be afraid to be different. Go artistic, but remain communicative.
  • Do not use stock images. Adding your brand into it makes it worth the visitor’s while.
  • High quality is important. Nobody likes a blurry image that you can clearly understand or takes a lot of effort to understand. 


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