The Ultimate Video Editing Checklist That Every Content Creator Needs!

Video Editing Checklist

We can’t master any skill on the first attempt. Video editing is one such skill. Though video editing isn’t that easy, you’ll be able to master it with practice and patience but until then, this checklist should get you started. 

As a content creator, you will need to know at least the basics of video editing. If you are starting your video editing journey, check this ultimate basic video editing checklist you need to create an awesome video! 

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Making videos needs proper planning. Scripting and capturing videos need more concentration and time in video production. If those two are planned and executed well, editing will become much easier. 

You need to have a proper plan, even if it’s a 30-second reel, youtube shorts, or any long videos. If you are creating longer videos like vlogs, courses, or any other youtube video, a plan and script are mandatory. It will help you create videos artfully and cost-efficiently with the desired results.

Your detailed plan and script should include information on transition, voiceovers, after effects, background score, etc. Keeping your end result, plan your video production process. Once you are ready with your footage, start editing and follow this checklist to know if you have ticked off all the necessary steps.


1. Choose a User-friendly Editing Software

There is plenty of video editing software and platforms available on the Internet today. You can edit using mobile editing apps, online editing platforms, or purchase exclusive editing software. You have to choose your software according to your needs. 

Few social media apps like Instagram allow their users to edit videos within their app. So you can use that too for reels or YT shorts. If you are editing large files and require a high-quality output, you need to edit with professional editing software like Final cut pro, iMovie or Premiere pro. To use this professional software, you need to invest in good hardware (computers/laptops) too.

Before choosing your software, read their benefits, understand their working process, and do a trial editing practice. You can also go through tutorials available on YouTube. Choose the software which is user-friendly and gives you the desired quality video. Softwares like Wondershare Filmora are great for beginners to produce good quality videos.

2. Plan Your Video Editing

As mentioned before, you need to have a detailed plan before you start editing. This plan should include details on formats, size, transitions, BG, dialogues, colour corrections, subtitles, after effects, and export and backup details. 

If you are working as a team, team members need to get aligned and take actions as planned to get the desired end result. The better and more detailed the plan, the smoother and easier the video editing process.

3. Organise Footage According to the Script

In most cases, capturing the video doesn’t happen according to the script chronologically. So before the editing process starts, if you organise the footage according to the scripts or storyline, it will simplify the work of an editor. While doing this, you can scrape off or archive unwanted shots or materials that will not be required.

4. Remove The Empty Spaces

Most video footage has empty space at each end. Make sure you trip those empty black spaces. Start from where the actual content starts and cut out anything unnecessary. It will make your video concise and interesting. Always try to attain the flow you have planned while writing the script.


5. Concentrate On Audio

Audio plays a significant role in making a video exciting and artful. So concentrate on the audio aspects of the video also. It includes dubbing, voiceovers, background music, silences and audio elements. 

Ensure you get proper permission and give credits if you include music composed by other creators to avoid any copyright issues in the future. Or else there is plenty of royalty-free music available on the Internet you can use them. 

6. Colour Correction

Colour correction is one of the essential elements of video editing nowadays. You need to check on the lighting, grading, fixing colour balance, or adding colour shades to give the shot artistic essence. Make sure you stick the entire video into the colour tone decided. 

7. Titles, Texts and Graphics

Once you are done with the footage editing, dubbing, adding music and colour correction, you can complete your project by adding necessary tests, titles and effects. Videos might require a few special effects to make them more trendy and interesting. 

The most important part of videos is to add title, statutory warning, disclaimers and credits. If necessary or your project requires, add subtitles too. While adding these texts, make sure you spell-check and proofread them twice. 

Also, try to make them coherent and fit in the video without disturbing the flow or tone of your content. Texts should never distract the audience and viewers from the story.

8. Export and Backups

You would have planned the output format of the video during the initial planning stage. As per the requirement, carefully compress and take the output of the video. If possible, take output in different quality and store it for required future uses. 

You need to backup both the out and edit files for further use. Saving the work file of editing software is mandatory to future-proof your work. So even before you export and take the output, save the work file carefully. 

Editing plays an essential role in video production. Even the smallest of small details needs lots of attention. So plan everything in advance and have a good editing experience. Make sure you tick off all the points mentioned in the checklist. 

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