Top 5 Indian NFT Creators To Look Out For 

Top 5 Indian NFT Creators

NFT” is the talk of the town. Scratch that talk of the world, in fact. Everyone is talking about it. Those who know what NFTs are are grinning now and those who are still trying to figure that out are well, they are figuring out. But don’t worry, we are telling you about it and also telling you about the Indian NFT Creators creating waves. Read on to know…

Non-Fungible Tokens aka NFTs are essentially a unique digital certificate, registered in a blockchain, that is used to record the ownership of an asset such as an artwork or a collectible. These tokens are one of the hottest commodities on the collectors market today.

VeKings NFT Art
Four out of 10000 unique VeKings. VeKings are a collection of 9,999 unique non-fungible tokens (NFT) stored on VeChains digital ledger (blockchain). Image Source: Wikimedia/RingrEven

With that being said, the steep learning curve and the complex steps involved in minting NFTs has discouraged many risk-averse people from diving deep in the NFT space. However, this is exactly what makes it highly profitable for early adopters. And not only art, there’s so much untapped opportunity for Utilities in NFTs that calls for another article altogether.

Coming back to NFT Creators! While this phenomenon has taken over thousands of young and influential investors in the West, the Indian NFT space is fairly at a nascent stage. This presents Indians with a large window of opportunity to also begin trading NFTs, creating them and building Utilities.

And with that in mind, here are the top 5 Indian NFT creators (in no particular order) to look out for:

1. Shreya Daffney 

Shreya Daffney/ Chintam is an artist and architect from Udupi, India’s peaceful seaside town in Karnataka. She continually explores the area of artistic expression in her work, using a variety of mediums such as graphics, paintings, videos, objects, and the built environment–there is a common thread, but no common medium. In the past years, she has launched 3 distinct and interesting NFT Collections. The first one is Benches – A series of illustrations inspired by the vibrant benches of Ahmedabad. The second one is Bhootas – Chintam writes about ‘Bhoota Kola’ which is a ritualistic folk dance-worship of spirits of the land, observed in coastal parts of South India. And the third one is Genesis.

You can check out her artwork on Instagram.

2. Ishita Banerjee

With all 9 of her artworks on WazirX being part of the 1K Collection, Ishita Banerjee is one of the most successful NFT creators in India. She creates bold & modern, Cubist abstract fine art. Her work is an amalgamation of her life experiences, combining imagination and association to produce vibrant and bold abstracts, individuals, faces, and non-traditional portraiture, all rendered in vibrant colour, motifs, and details. She tells a story about people, time, and the human relationship between the planet, environment, and its inhabitants.

You can check out her artwork on Instagram.

3. Tarini Khanna 

Tarini has nearly 476 creations, making her a creator with one of the largest number of creations on the WazirX platform. Her art is mostly a combination of how she sees the world. Getting an intangible idea and converting it into a tangible art piece is her favourite hobby. With 28 collections and 42 offers received, her art work is highly appreciated and sought after in the marketplace.

You can check out her artwork on Instagram.

4. Abhishapes

At 947 creations, Abhishapes is the second-largest NFT creator on the WazirX marketplace. He is a passionate designer from Mumbai who has explored a plethora of art styles which helped him finally derive his own unique style. Abhishapes has 11 very interesting collections, the most recent one – called MetaMonks will mark his 1000th NFT on the platform.

You can check out his artwork on Instagram.


5. Crypto Sauga

With a mission to bring artists to the forefront of the NFT Revolution, Crypto Sauga a.k.a Kunal Kamble has been actively collecting NFTs. He has also founded the Crypto Sauga Stars Club which has created 1101 art pieces (the most number of NFT’s on WazirX). With various privileges such as weekly movie tickets and special access privileges to select nightclubs and cafes across India, this NFT has a high utility for people who buy it. With a well-thought-out roadmap, CSS Club is a pioneer in building NFT communities in India.

You can check out his profile on Instagram.

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Written by Rohan Phatale

Information Source: WazirX

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