Do you have a TikTok account?

Currently, TikTok has nearly 500 million active users and it is becoming a huge platform for Influencer marketing day by day. Sumedh Chaphekar, CEO of NOFILTR which is one of the top influencer marketing agencies, states that there will be a great competition between Youtube and TikTok in the future. So if you don’t have a TikTok account, what are you waiting for!

New trends on TikTok are added every day and it has the potential to convert a new user into a celebrity within a few hours. Every influencer of tiktok has followed the current trend to be the one they are now.

So it is important for you to follow the current trends in order to become an influencer. Current trends on TikTok in the month of NOVEMBER-DECEMBER are as follows:

Name Place Animal Thing Challenge

Name Place Animal Thing is a new filter challenge by TikTok where the tiktoker has to stop the running letters of the alphabet by showing their palm. After the wheel stops, the tiktoker has to say a name, place, animal and a thing which starts with the letter received.

My Puzzle Challenge

It’s a TikTok trend where the tiktoker has to pick a photo from the library and apply the ‘My Puzzle’ filter to it. The TikTok will be shuffling the parts of the image and then solving it to get the real image at the end.

Mega Head Challenge

It’s again a filter challenge by Tiktok by applying which the head of the person facing the camera will be enlarged and music of a baby laughing will be applied.

Try Me Challenge

Try me challenge is a challenge where the tiktoker has to pose after the lyrics ‘Try me’ gets over. Also, tiktokers can try better ideas to make the TikTok video more dashing!

Janudi Challenge

It is a TikTok challenge, where the tiktoker has to show their dance moves, once the lyrics “I love you Janudi” gets over. This challenge has got viral on TikTok within a very short span of time.

Bhul to ho gayi Trend

There’s an old hit song named, “Kaata Laga” which has gone viral on the TikTok app. Tiktokers have posted a lot of creative Tiktoks using this sound.

Tiktok with no doubt is becoming a huge platform for Influencer Marketing even though it has been on the verge of getting discontinued. We shouldn’t forget that even the famous apps like Facebook and Instagram weren’t liked by everyone in the beginning.

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