#WomensDaySpecial: Top Women Creators On TagMango, Their Journey And Message For Young Creators!

We firmly believe that every day is Women’s Day. We do like the idea of dedicating one day in the whole year to the lovely, powerful women we all are surrounded by. In addition to having dynamic women team members, we have an army of women creators on TagMango who are carving their niche, one workshop or course at a time. And this is our humble attempt at highlighting those lovely women creators.

Instead of us nattering, we wanna hear from these intrepid women creators what they have to say about their journey and simply put what message they would like to give out to young creators just starting out! Let’s begin, shall we?

1. Nikhat Sheikh, Artist, Illustrator & Designer:

TagMango Creator since: September 2021

Women Creators on TagMango

Her journey:

I would like to call my journey an artistic quest to find myself. When I started out, I was just really out there alone trying to prove myself that yes this is what I want and this is where I feel more confident. And over time I have built a community of people who connect with me very deeply. I interact with many artists beginners and professionals regularly and what empowers me the most is every artist is confident with their decisions in choosing their identities as an Artist.

Her message to young creators:

Find out what you love and keep doing it every day, until you get what you want. Prove yourself first that your decisions are the best and then your family, society, and the whole world will join you in your journey, but first, you have to walk alone.


2. Manpreet Dhody, Chef, Food Stylist & Photographer

TagMango Creator since: Sep 2021

Creator on TagMango - Chef Manpreet Dhody

Her journey:

I feel as women we are all naturally born with our unique style, passion & creativity which flows naturally into our content that sets each one of us apart from the other. For me food & fashion is my passion & nothing has ever stopped me from thinking out of the box & looking at food as a canvas, I put the same amount of energy creating and styling food as beautifully as I’d style my wardrobe. I love that my brand is able to empower people to make efforts into making your dinner look pretty.

Her message to young creators:

Don’t get lured into following trends blindly, be fierce and create your own style, create what you love, the world will follow. The biggest mistake we make is struggling to keep up with the trend which makes us lose our authenticity as a creator.


3. Aditi Garware, Celebrity Chef, Cake Artist

TagMango Creator since: Sep 2021

Chef Aditi Garware

Her journey:

I have always been an artistic kid with a lot of love for food. Coming from a regular middle-class family, academics were always the first preference, and baking was considered to be a hobby. After scoring well in my 12th boards, I got through one of the most prestigious law schools in India (ILS Law College, Pune). But soon realised that I was missing out on the colours of creativity. With a double grad degree in law, my career cartwheeling was nothing less than a rollercoaster ride!

I gave up on a lucrative job as a lawyer to pursue my passion for baking and desserts. I was considered stupid, crazy and insane! I had a lot to prove. so I worked day in and day out like a maniac. I wanted my dream so badly as a baker. And here I am…all smiles now.

In the field of baking, my biggest inspiration is Chef Pooja Dhingra, who is a superwoman and has fought all the odds to achieve her dreams. She is a chef par excellence and has always broken barriers to bring India to the international stage. 

Her message for young creators:

If you wish to take up content creation as a profession put your heart and soul into it. There is no substitute for hard work. Social media makes baking/food content creation look very glamorous but there are lot of efforts that one needs to take. Don’t get fazed by the glamour you see on screen. Be ready to do some real hard work. Experiment a lot and practice, practice, practice. Take short courses and enhance your knowledge and skills. Miracles don’t happen in one day. So, you need to invest a good amount of time and effort into pursuing this art and then the art will definitely give you back all the love.

4. Monica Jain, Artist

TagMango Creator since: Nov 2021

Woman Creator on TagMango - Monica Jain

Her journey:

The very first thing which really made me get started was a very good support from my family. The next few months were basically just trying out things, sharing as much as possible, and reaching out to maximum number of people and that was my focus for the first 34 months where I did not generate any revenue. And that’s when I realised that being good at something or being a good artist is very different from a good artist who can actually upsell or sell anything. And in order to sell anything that you are doing, you need a good team and I am very thankful to the entire TagMango team. I’ve been able to actually scale up because of the platform because I have all data at one place and so much support from them.  

Her message for young creators:

One of the biggest barriers for anyone to get started in this field is that they tend to think about the destination which is very far; they tend to think big but the key to progress in this field is to take that first step right then go and take the second step and so on and so forth. The path will be much clear and you will find the way as you move on. Don’t think too much, just get started build the right team, give insane value, reach out to maximum people, impact lives, create trust, build community and then focus on the main thing which is selling upfront.


5. Shreya Punj, Book Publisher and Editor

TagMango Creator since: Oct 2021

Shreya Punj

Her journey:

When I began creating content in July 2021, I never thought I’d hit 10k followers in 3 months. All this while having a full-time job! My goal was to make the publishing industry accessible and it’s heartening to see that so many people love books as much as I do (some even more!). My authors like Dr Cuterus, Varun Duggirala, Nikhil Taneja and many more were so generous with their support. Another great thing that I do is workshops! I have interacted with almost 500 people, exchanged emails, helped them refine their pitch or book idea and the response has been so good. I’ve had such an amazing journey on social media. I think my followers are passionate about books, love to write, and are inquisitive. Each interaction fills me with so much joy.

Message to young creators:

Know why you want to create. Before posting anything, I ask myself this: Will this add any value to my follower’s life? The value could be making them laugh, informing them, educating them or just giving them some confidence.

We love to interact with our super-awesome women creators and it is so heartening to see them shine brighter on our platform. We are a platform enabling creator monetisation and will double our efforts to enable each and every creator from various niches to monetise their skill-set. Especially, women creators. *wink wink*

Written by Rachna Srivastava

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