6 Ways In Which You Can 5x Your Income From Trading Courses

6 Ways In Which You Can 5x Your Income From Trading Courses

Knowledge is like money: to be of value it must circulate, and in circulating it can increase in quantity and, hopefully, in value. – Louis L’Amour

There is a huge market for trading courses and people want to learn from subject matter experts like you. People are vying for financial literacy and looking for ways to become financially independent!

We cannot lay enough stress as to why building and putting out trading courses is a must for Trading Experts like you! But we summed it up in this easy-to-understand infographic and also have a detailed blog for you to read.

Why Courses Are Must For Content Creators

 Now that you are well-versed with the reasons, let’s explore the 5 ways in which you can 5x your income just by trading courses!

Exclusivity is key!

Good Content
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The more premium and aspirational your offering, the higher the chance of it generating more income for you. You’ve heard less is more. But here, the less is not your content (that has to be highly valuable), but is the number of people you sell to. Yes, your subscribers! Make your courses exclusive and don’t induct just anyone and everyone. Exclusivity sells better! Remember this golden rule!

Use your own portfolios

Trading Portfolio
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When crafting course content, make sure you highlight your own portfolio in it. That will add credibility to your content. Once your audience sees what you are doing in your actual portfolio and see proven results, your credibility shoots through the roof! This will establish you as a doer and not just a talker who yaps concepts s/he/them doesn’t know about!

Entice with a workshop!

Trading Workshop
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Yes, you heard us! Always have a lower barrier to entry. Entice your subscribers with a workshop with content that will wow them. But only a part of the content that you will highlight in the course, not the whole course. Create an upsell during live workshops. This way the audiences know what they are signing up for as they have already gotten a teaser!

Creating Upsell on TagMango is a piece of cake. During a live workshop, you can create, add offers/discounts to an Upsell and make it live. The best part? Your subs don’t have to toggle tabs to buy it. It can be bought in real-time right on the call!

Have Multiple offerings

Multiple Mangoes
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Ensure that you have multiple courses or workshops or a mix live on your profile. Why? It all adds up in increasing your revenue. A mix bag is the best way to go forward. You can host multiple workshops and courses on TagMango, and increase your income. It also gives people easier access to more information in snackable forms.

Pick a niche, but also cater to general concepts

Trading Expert

There are “n” number of trading styles, financial terms, and financial concepts. While you should pick a core niche that you cater to, but also make general concepts easily graspable. Your loyal audience looks up to you. They will want you to be their primary source of Trading knowledge. Give them that. You can also bundle up various concepts and offer doubt-clearing sessions.

Always ask yourself what is a value add to your community and regularly touch base with them as to what they want to learn!

Offer incentives in the form of Coupon Codes

Coupon Code
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Humans love discounts and offers! Tap into that psyche and also reward your loyal patrons by offering them exclusive coupon codes during upsells. If you have priced your next offering say Rs 10000, to your loyal community offer the same for Rs 7500. If you offer exclusive discounts and reward loyalty, that will make your community feel extremely valued and increase their loyalty towards you.

And you can easily build coupon codes on TagMango. These codes are totally customisable, and you control its usage and how many times and for what duration you can use them.

And also, trading courses with Certificates sell better. Who doesn’t like proof of knowledge highlighted on their CVs?

Building and hosting courses on TagMango is extremely easy and can be done in a matter of minutes. You can add multiple chapters, videos, texts, presentations and even send out certificates when someone completes your course.

You simply direct your energies towards creating, leave the rest upto us!

If you haven’t started your Creator Monetisation journey on TagMango yet, sign up today!

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We also regularly churn out helpful guides, cheatsheets, how-tos and more in the form of Blogs. So keep your eyes peeled on our blog section!

Happy Creating to you!

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