What The Future Looks like For Content Creators!

future of content creators

The Creator Economy boom has been tremendous in the past two years. The current creator economy is estimated to be worth $104 billion, with 50 million independent content creators and curators making a life out of it. 

Among these 50 million people, only two million people consider themselves as professional creators as they could make a sustainable career out of their passion and interest. 

Many upcoming and amateur creators believe that they can earn a full-time income with their content in the near future. Without any qualm, content creation has become a professional choice for many.

There are also content creators out there who are making content with the most passion and dedication but are not able to efficiently monetise their content. Content creators should be seen as full-time, self-employed business owners. To sustain in the creator market, they need to make a stable earning from their content. 

content creator

Undoubtedly there are various sources and opportunities for the content creators to earn from the web and social media. Thus, content creators now look up to an integrated method of earning from various sources, including influencer marketing, brand collaborations, subscriptions, coaching, and charging on a pay-per-view basis. Many go on to build their own brands too. Many are monetising their skill-set on TagMango in form of workshops, cohort-based courses, and a lot more.

But, the question of what’s next is a constant for most creators. There needs to be a scope of growth and scalability in any career, and it is the same with content creation also. Today,, we have a few ideas that can help you scale up your content creation career. 

Content Creators will be experts 


You need to have enough knowledge and expertise in your niche. This will help you position yourself as a professional. With expertise comes authority, and people will rely upon your content. And that’s when you become a thought leader. 

When your community starts looking at your content as trustworthy and authentic, you will have more ways to monetise your content. So it is essential to be a pioneer in your niche.

Creators are the new entrepreneurs 


Content creators see growth every single day. Once they have grown their community, their revenue channels also grow. Eventually, it will get more challenging for them to manage every aspect of it single-handedly. 

Creators should see themselves as entrepreneurs and build a team of experts, which will help them with taking care of the collaborations, community engagement, revenue management and data analytics. So that creators can have ample time and freedom to concentrate on creating content.  

This will streamline their growth and help them build a sustainable career for themselves and also for their teams. 


Creators can become Coaches


Since the pandemic hit there has been an enormous growth in online courses and online learning. As a content creator, if you can teach your skill, add value, and convey your message to your community, you can become a thought leader and earn while doing so.

You can conduct online workshops or create offline courses. This will help you leverage your community and build an active relationship with members. Providing exclusive content and imparting value to your participants through live interactions will increase your brand value and authority. 

TagMango, as a platform, has helped thousands of creators monetise their content.  At TagMango, we believe creators are capable entrepreneurs who need assistance in building their businesses. We help creators monetise their creations and content by helping them host highly interactive workshops, sessions or discussion forums, courses and other exclusive content with their communities. 


Content Creators can build brands


If you are a successful creator, a coach and have a strong community with active members, you can build your own brand. In fact, you are your own brand. You can produce your own product or service. As you know your community, you will know what product/service will help them solve their problems.  

Since you have influence over the market and community, you have the opportunity to market and sell your product through the DTC model. 


Social Tokens

social token

Social Tokens will enable content creators to monetise their content directly to their top members or fans through blockchain. They are based on the digital ownership economy, where your community or followers show their loyalty by buying your social tokens to access your exclusive private content. 

After cryptocurrencies, social tokens are growing rapidly. There are many tools, platforms, and collaborations coming up that will help creators have the opportunity to create social tokens and monetise their creations. 

NFTs are also a part of social tokens. NFTs are non-fungible tokens, making each of your content’s units unique. At TagMango’s NFT Marketplace, we will help creators create and distribute NFTs (launching soon). Creators at TagMango can sell their NFTs quickly with zero gas fees. 

Being a successful content creator doesn’t end with building a hefty number of followers for your content. Real success is when creators can convert those followers and content into a sustainable source of income. 

The potential of content creators is more than being influencers. They can grow higher and scale up their career through content creation. TagMango is the fastest growing organisation in the creator economy, which is entirely committed to helping creators monetise their craft.


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