Why Are Gamers Dominating The Creator Economy?

Why are Gamers Dominating Creator Economy

Lately, the gaming industry has taken the Internet by storm as people nowadays are more likely to make wagers and the public has become more than ever active while accepting legalised gaming. Also, the main reason for the boom in the gaming industry is the local government becoming more supportive. The supply has finally started to meet the increasing demand. 

Gaming has eventually become a social lifeline! India alone boasts of 95 million gamers who stream their gaming actively on YouTube and communicate with their audience. India has seen a huge surge in the gaming industry. This said surge came from the urge to have virtual entertainment with friends, and families. Also, gamers are often on the lookout for new peer groups. It is even due to ever-growing YouTube streaming that the excitement for gaming is built up among today’s generation. 

Who are the TOP Indian Gamers on YouTube?

Let us take you through the top five gamers who are dominating the Creator Economy with great elan. These folks are not just gamers but are THE game-changers in the industry!

1. Ajay aka Ajju Bhai (Total Gaming)

Ajay aka Ajju Bhai (Total Gaming)

Ajju Bhai owns the YouTube channel Total Gaming on which he live-streams Indian games. He records videos of the Battle Royale game Garena Free Fire while playing it, in reality, himself, and shows his followers how he is playing the game. Ajay loves to keep his identity under wraps.

Total Gaming was launched 3 years ago and today, Ajju Bhai has 28.8M YouTube subscribers and enjoys an average view of 1.8 million. Also, Ajay has 3M followers on his Instagram account which shows he has quite a fan following. He is the most subscribed Indian YouTube gamer who rose to fame with Garena Free Fire in 2018. Ajju Bhai then went on to broaden his channel by playing Spiderman and Unbelievable Hulk.

2. Ujjwal Chaurasia aka Techno Gamerz

 Ujjwal Chaurasia aka Techno Gamerz
Ujjwal Chaurasia, a famous YouTuber gained recognition in the gaming community due to his GTA V series. Techno Gamerz being one of the biggest Indian gaming channels and boasts of 21.M subscribers. Interestingly, Ujjwal came into the gaming world at a very young age, and ‘Snow Bros’ was the first video game that he played and then went on to take interest in GTA: Vice City and so on. 

It was after his tutorial downloading the Dragon Ballz game that he became a hit. Ujjwal saw a moving response when he uploaded his first GTA video. He then launched his second channel ‘Ujjwal’! He uses that to stream PUBG videos. And, that has garnered his channel about 6.27M subscribers. Ujjwal has an impressive 1.5M followers on his Instagram. Techno Gamerz is eminent among Gen Z and Gen Alpha which has helped him gain a whopping growth in subscribers.

3. Sahil Rana aka AS Gaming

Sahil Rana aka AS Gaming

Sahil Rana is a well-known Indian YouTuber, free-fire player, and content creator who has crossed a threshold of 12M subscribers. This coup has been achieved by only a few Indian free-fire gamers and Rana is one of the few. 

It was only when he uploaded his first video 5 Hidden Places in Bermuda Map, that he got noticed and saw a huge surge in subscribers and views. He is one of the most celebrated gamers among the youth. AS Gaming enjoys more than 14.5M subscribers. Sahil boasts of 1.5M followers on Instagram.

4. Lokesh Raj aka Lokesh Gamer

Lokesh Raj aka Lokesh Gamer

When India thought there was a dearth of good gamers and content creators, it got its very own Lokesh Raj. This well-known gamer is commonly known as the ‘Diamond King’ amongst his friends due to his exceptional in-game skills. Lokesh Gamer has 12.9M YouTube subscribers and his second channel LR Gaming has 1.14 subscribers. 

Like a few gamers, Lokesh also created videos around Garena Free Fire but what worked in his favour and gave him popularity was his frequent live streaming. He also uploads images and videos on social media and that keeps him an audience fave. Lokesh has a whopping 3.7M instagram fan following.

5. Ankit Sujan aka Gyan Sujan (Gyan Gaming)

Ankit Sujan aka Gyan Sujan (Gyan Gaming)

Ankit Sujan is a popular Free Fire Player and gamer on YouTube. His channel is called Gyan Gaming, where he plays the game as Gyan Sujan. Ankit is known for playing 16k+ squad matches and bagging booyahs in 5898. He has defeated around 52459 rivals and shows off an exceptional KD ratio (kills + assists and deaths ratio) of 5.27, with a win rate of 36.76%. 

Gyan Gaming has more than 2K videos and enjoys around 12M subscribers. Ankit’s Instagram handle has an extensive 1.5M followers. The core reason of Gyan Gaming being so popular can be credited to Ankit’s regular interaction with his fans. Audiences love communicating with the people they follow and that instils a better sense of community. And what better way than bridging the gap by having a regular exchange of thoughts and ideas with them?!

How Gaming in India has evolved?

The gaming industry has given creators space to showcase their analytical talent and earn through their passion. There are so many famous creators who are handling the gaming business with utmost ease. 

Ajey Nagar, notably known as Carryminati, is a celebrated roaster, YouTuber, and now a gamer. He has a separate gaming channel called ‘Stealth Fearzz’ where he often uploads videos comprising football tricks and tutorials. Carry has another channel by the name ‘Carryislive’ where he promptly live-streams PUBG and observes 9.9M subscribers. 

Why are gamers dominating the Creator Economy space?

3 Reasons Why Gamers are Dominating Creator Economy

The most common reasons for the gamers to dominate the creator economy are:

1. It is accessible:

There’s no doubt that the world is going into a frenzy with mobile phones. Over 4 billion people who use smartphones are active on social media as these sites are free to use and offer a wide range of entertainment possibilities. These social media platforms make the process of content creation easy. Thus, providing the ability to upload enticing content. Now, who would want to miss the opportunity to showcase their talent and earn followers in exchange?!

2. It mints money:

A content creator, depending upon his/her/their niche and engagement rates make a lot of money through their videos. Content creation has evolved from just being a hobby. Right from teachers to doctors, everyone is hustling and monetising their skills. Creating videos and uploading them on social media along with their 9-5s has become common. 

Many social media platforms provide features to aid Influencers and Creators earn extra money and diversifying their revenue streams.

3. Endless Opportunities:

Once content creator reaches a considerable following in their niche, they tend to find themselves in a pool of opportunities in the form of brand collaborations, sponsorships, deals, and more. This gives them the confidence and many of them end up creating their own product lines which results in a greater diversification in revenue streams.  That’s not all, the Creators are constantly innovating and thinking of making their content better suited for monetisation opportunities. 


Gaming as an industry has been booming and will only grow. Gaming is now a socially accepted income field and more and more gamers are entering it. While it is years away from reaching its saturation point, gamers are rightfully the flagbearers of the Indian Creator Economy. YouTube Creators contributed about Rs 6,800 Cr to India’s GDP and a large part of it was because of the gaming community.

Kids these days aspire to be YouTubers, instead of astronauts. So yeah, that says a lot about India’s Creator Economy. And if you are still not convinced, here are some mind-blowing facts about Creator Economy that will make you change your perception.

Once a specific gamer/content creator identifies his/her/their target audience, it helps in knitting partnerships with them and strategising their business to stay more connected with the community. TagMango does exactly this! It helps the creators monetise their skill-set by hosting workshops and building courses. We are all for Creator Economy and enabling financial freedom in Creators. 

If you are a Content Creator looking to start your monetisation journey, sign up on TagMango and take a step towards earning through expertise.

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