If you are a social media influencer, you need to be active on every social media platform. You need to publish blogs, upload stories on social media, etc.

But have you thought about how can you do this in an easier manner?


Nowadays content repurposing has become a crucial way of marketing on Social Media. By repurposing content, an organisation can achieve engagement of the audience through different social media platforms. Content repurposing is used by various organisations in order to have a better interaction with their audience.

You can repurpose your content using the following ways:

Lecture to YouTube Tutorial

You can convert the lectures given by professors into Tutorial Videos by recording it and can post it on YouTube, by which it becomes permanent data. People who didn’t even attend the lecture can watch the tutorial video. It will also be useful for the upcoming generations!

YouTube video to IGTV

A YouTuber can shorten his/her content and post it on IGTV so that his Instagram followers and other users can view the video too. By doing this he/she is getting more engaged with his/her audience.

Snapchat Story to Instagram Story

Snapchat is said to be an informal social media platform. And because of this feature, it is used on a large scale as compared to Instagram. People frequently post stories there instead of posting them on Instagram. Here, content repurposing can be done by posting the Snapchat story as Instagram story by adding some taste to it.

Blog post to LinkedIn Content

LinkedIn is a platform where mainly professionals exist. These people are using LinkedIn to get the latest and informative content of their fields and business places. Thus, blog posts can be converted into LinkedIn articles so that they can reach people who don’t read blogs or such related content.

Quora Q&As to Blog Post

Bloggers can write blogs on some important questions asked by the audience on Quora. Publishing blog on questions will lead to an increase in trust of the audience and will also help to resolve the issues of the questioners.

Podcast to Blog Post

An audio podcast can be converted into a blog post for the people who are unable to listen to podcasts. Also, by posting it as a blog, it can be more effective as a blog can be created using images and links and other visuals, which always cater to the eye better. Podcasts are gaining more and more importance in today’s world as it is becomes easier for the listeners to listen the podcast instead of viewing it.

Content repurposing is said to be a great source of spreading the information. You can repurpose your content and post it on different platforms in order to increase the reach of the content.

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