Why short-form video content is the future of content creation

short-form video content

When it comes to video content marketing, less is more.

Video is the now but short-form video is the future, and it’s always best to invest in the future. These bite-sized, snackable videos are a content hungry audience’s break-time guilty pleasure. These are light, informative, crisp and watertight in the best possible way. 

How many times have you found yourself watching 15-30 second reels and you out track of time? Been there, done that.

69% of people say they’d most prefer to learn about a new product or service by watching a short video. (Wyzowl)

It’s about gathering the viewer’s microscopic attention span, the snappier the better.

short-form video

Video Consumption Today

Majority of the online video consumption happens on mobile devices. Imagine you are in your house on a Sunday night and wish to watch a feature film, would you prefer to watch on your phone or your home TV? It’s a no brainer right? 

Mobile phones are hand held and can tire the user fast. Straightforward, and to-the-point videos are ideal for it. 

short-form video content badshah

There has been a seismic shift in digital content preference from static creatives to short video snippets. 

With more and more content being available, attention spans continue to shrink and the best way to engage a user is to provide the information in the most passive and effortless manner. Users now seamlessly shift from one piece of content to another. 

For creators, a video now is a challenge to place their brand in the viewer’s brain in mere seconds. Statistically, mobile consumers are much more likely to watch a 30-second snippet rather than read through a blog or a post.

Short-form video performs best when it comes to paid ads, be it in the beginning of a Youtube video, on your Instagram feed or Facebook. 


Short-form videos make great content for sharing and improve the organic reach with the algorithm. The term “viral video” explains exactly how fast they travel in the digital channel. Videos are the most likely to spread faster than any other form of content. It’s a small trip from “convince to convert” in video content and there are multiple exciting ways to do so.

Don’t take our word for it? Here’s some stats:

60% of Internet Traffic Revolves Around Video

72% of People Prefer Video vs Text to Learn a New Product or Service

Average Consumer Spends 40 min/day Watching YouTube

66% of Video Ads are Less than 30 Seconds

93% of Marketers have Landed a Customer via Social Media Video

Mobile-first Video Ads Account for 50% of Facebook’s Ad Revenue

Video Content on Instagram Receives 49% Higher Engagement Rates

Source: colormatics

The numbers speak for themselves. 

If numbers don’t speak to you, there are so many success stories owing to the short-form content creation. 

Dancer, choreographer and creator Awez Darbar shot to fame by making short dance and challenge videos on TikTok and now Reels. Now with a whole team backing him, they have started a creators’ community and a studio to pursue their passion of dancing and content creation. 

Are you investing in the future and making short-form videos the cornerstone of your business strategies? We suggest you do. If you are looking to make exciting short-form video content that the audiences devour, head to Tagmango’s blog and improve your tool kit with some new skills. Create with freedom, Cheers!

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