Women In Finance: These Desi Creators Are Demystifying Finance For All, One Post At A Time

Women in Finance

It’s a man’s world. Nuh-uh… Scratch that! Not anymore. It is an all-gender and gender-fluid world. And in this world, women are coming forth in a field dominated largely by men; read finance; and creating snackable content around it. Touted to be dull and boring, the world of finance is piloted by men. But hang on, there are women in finance stepping in the ring and demystifying the basics, all while instilling knowledge and confidence in more and more women and empowering all with financial literacy.

Financial literacy is the need of the hour and every individual should be in charge of their finances. With that thought at the core, we are seeing women creators take social media by storm with their content. And today, we are bringing to your notice women creators who are demystifying all things finance in a way that reaches the masses. Take note!

1. Nidhi Nagori

Women in Finance Nidhi Nagori
Image Courtesy: Nidhi Nagori

Hailing from a small town in Bengal, Nidhi is a CA, CPA, CISA, and now an investment banker working in Toronto, Canada. Not only in English, but Nidhi also has a dedicated page for Hindi content. She not only talks about investments and finance but also helps people with alternative career paths and career opportunities. With the help of Reels, she doles out quick info and has a growing YouTube Channel for larger format videos. You should definitely follow her if you are seeking how to be financially independent or looking for side hustle opportunities.

You can check out her Instagram here.

2. Neha Nagar

Neha Nagar
Image Courtesy: Twitter/@tedxkiet

Founder of Taxation Help, Neha actually makes finance really fun. She gives it a filmy twist and also her approach is to simplify the jargon. Right from tips and tricks, you will find explainer videos on NFT, Crypto, Tax benefits, IPOs, Stock Market, and a lot more. She also has a fun video series in which you get to guess the entrepreneur making financial literacy more fun. Be it tax know-how or what’s new in the financial world; if you are looking for hard concepts made easy to understand then surely head to her profile.

You can check out her Instagram here.

3. CA Rachana Ranade

CA Rachana Ranade Women In Finance
Image Courtesy: Rachana Ranade

One of the first few Indian women to enter the content creation space in the said field, CA Rachana has been in the financial field for over 10 years. She has been educating thousands of people for years. She is the founder of Funance by Rachana Ranade which makes finance fun and also is her  “way of teaching complex finance topics in a funny manner”. On her feeds, you will find a lot of information about Bank Nifty banks, financial indices, ETFs, mutual funds, investment strategies and lot more. So if fun, engaging way of learning is your pick, do scroll through her accounts and consume knowledge.

You can check out her Instagram here.

4. Anamika Rana

Anamika Rana
Image Courtesy: Anamika Rana

A chartered accountant by profession, Anamika’s account @financewithanamika is rising the ranks and garnering more and more followers. She doles out tips on finance and wealth creation. Based out of Dubai, Anamika’s approach is to make people aware of the concepts of finance which can be understood by those who have a hard time wrapping their heads around anything finance. She imparts knowledge about Crypto, types of insurances, tax benefits, wealth creation and management, things happening in the Metaverse, hacks for saving money, and a whole lot more.

You can check out her Instagram here.

5. Siyali Rai and Niyati Thaker

Sayali & Niyati
Image Courtesy: FinCocktail

Both these ladies, a CA and an investment banker run a page called FinCocktail. They describe that as “a personal finance guide aimed for the average working girl to help her demystify and simplify the nuances of finance”. And they do that in the most playful, engaging way. They not only simplify the jargon but also curate top financial news snippets that keep all abreast with trends and the happenings in the world. Their content is lauded by their followers and they actually make finance super interesting. Don’t believe us? Head to their page and check it out for yourself.

You can check out her Instagram here.

Other Creators: Ashna Tolkar, Anushka Rathod, and Swati B Wealthy.

We at TagMango wish to see each and every individual financially independent and financially literate. These women in finance are making the world a more financially literate place, one post at a time. And, you should definitely follow them. If you wish to delve deeper into financial concepts and gain more knowledge about taxations, stock market, futures & options, crypto currency, NFTs and more, then we have a host of creators who specialise in just that and share their in-depth knowledge about various financial concepts through masterclasses, workshops, bootcamps, webinars, and more. You can subscribe to them and also buy their mangoes and unlock financial literacy through the TagMango website and app.

So you Mango-folks stay financially woke and knowledgeable. And more power to these women creators. We sincerely wish to see more and more women take charge of their finances. Chalo friends, finance seekhlo!

 Written by Rachna Srivastava

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