Women Influencers to follow for all the Positivity you need!

women influencers

It is said that a positive attitude helps us sail through the most difficult of days. The following are some top content creators you need to follow for all the positivity you need:


StylemeupwithSakshi – Sakshi Sindwani

Body Positivity

style me up with sakshi - body positivityMany creators promote body positivity and confidence on Instagram, it’s needless to say Sakshi Sindwani is the Queen amongst all of them. From oozing self-acceptance and confidence to helping build one’s self-esteem she has it all covered. She is out there motivating individuals to be the best versions of themselves no matter what size they are through fashion and lifestyle content. Lastly, her feed is full of positivity and we are certain you’ll have fun scrolling through it!


Chetali Chadha


Chetali Chadha

Chetali has been a part of the corporate world for over a decade; after finalizing an exceptional stint in the e-commerce sector and with experience in beauty and fashion she started making Instagram and Youtube videos focusing mainly on skin and beauty. She not only gives the best recommendations but is known for her beautiful voice. 

Divija Bhasin – Awkwardgoat3

Mental Health 

Divija Bhasin

This girl is a star on the ‘gram. Divija is a video creator and calls herself ‘your friendly neighbourhood therapist’. She takes workshops, creates videos, takes counselling sessions promoting happy and healthy mental health. With some wonderful guides on Instagram about Mental Health, Psychology, and Feminisim. She creates amazing reels and is one of the freshest faces to watch out for in this space. Her feed would surely remind you to be happy and positive all the time.


Nidhi Mohan Kamal 

Physical Health

Nidhi mohan kamal - health

Nidhi is a well-known nutritionist, strength and health coach. She makes Youtube and Instagram videos on nutrition and health. She is a vegan homegirl who promotes Indian culture amalgamating it with the best of nutrition and workout. Nidhi is an avid traveller and lover of tea you can see her practising yoga and travelling to beautiful locations promoting health and wellness.

Next time you’re low or caught up, their pages are here to save the day for you. 

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