Yashraj Mukhate On TagMango – With His Very First Live Workshop!

Yashraj Mukhate on TagMango

Yashraj…naam toh ab tak sun hi liya hoga. Arey then viral tracks toh sune hi honge! Yes, Rasoda, Pawri, Boring, Sexy Lag Raha tracks wala Yashraj Mukhate. Music composer and artist, Yashraj is a household name now and he has created snackable and viral tracks that are catchy and widely shared. However, there is a ton of effort, ideation and hard-work in creating these ‘viral’ tracks. Not as easy as it looks! 

Yashraj Mukhate Workshop

Did you know that Yashraj has been producing music for 6-7 years now? Yea! This 26-year-old started young. Hailing from Aurangabad, Yashraj’s social media stardom definitely took off after Rasode Mein Kaun tha, but he has been at it for years, experimenting and honing his craft.

While we really don’t know Rasode mein kaun tha, what we do know is that the man himself who made that viral track is going to teach about music production and how to make tracks that will get one started on their music production journey. This is the very first time that Yashraj is hosting a live workshop and it is only on TagMango.

Yashraj Mukhate Workshop

The not-so-aam mango is called “Learn To Make Viral Music Videos”! The workshop is going to be super-duper fun and is being held this weekend itself! He will be dishing out the whole ABCs of music theory and production, how to find rhythm in everyday sound, how to make it as a producer, how to crack social media algorithms for better reach, and much more.


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One of India’s biggest creators and is coming on board as a Creator on our platform, which is quite cool! TagMango has always enjoyed celebrating content creators, especially the likes of Yashraj who have taken the world by STORM!

So if you are someone who who wants to get started in the field and learn from someone who has cracked the virality code – this is for you. And Creators, we know how much you love to Create, and if you want to push up your content all while picking up his methodologies and tricks which will help you in positioning your content on social media, subscribe to his unique mango.

When: Feb 19, 2022; 6 pm

Cost: ₹999

Check out his Mango here

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